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Sports plaster/tape

Jan 4, 2010
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You might be talking about what alot of people call vet (veternarian) tape. The benefit of it is it sticks to itself and not you. It you wrap it over a bandage and over it self it will hold pretty good and does not hurt taking it off, also good for wrapping fingers and wrists. It comes in alot of colors.
Thanks guys I have ITBS as I do a lot of running as well as cycling.

I can't seem to shake it off completely. I first experienced the pain in January two weeks before a 21k run. I saw physio then and he got me through the run relatively pain free. I took a month off running or cycling, but carried on swimming and cross training after the run.

When I got back into it the pain was nowhere near as great as the initial pain but it is still a dull ache which is niggling away. I don't want to have another prolonged period of rest as I don't want to lose the condition that I have built up; I have a run in 5 weeks.

I might try this sort of tape to see if it aids with the pain/recovery etc.

I am still doing the streches that were recommended to me by the physio but stopped icing the band in March.

Anyone else ever suffered ITBS? Any tips in getting rid?