Sprinters Giro 2015 Discussion Thread

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Apr 9, 2010
Who will win points classification in your opinion?
There are some holly stages but i do not think Matthews will end Giro. Same as Greipel.
In Romandie Nizzolo and Viviani did not show consistency in hilly stages
Nizzolo, Modolo Mezgec Lobato,... What do you think? Who will win?
May 31, 2011
johngoat said:
I think that the fastest 10 sprinters in the Giro 2015 are: Matthews, Greipel, Mezgec, Pelucchi, Modolo, Lobato, Viviani, Nizzolo, Ferrari and Appolonio.

Do I miss anyone?
Will old Alejet surprise me?
Apr 9, 2010
Who do you think will be Ettix sprinter, Boonen or Meersman?
Do you think Meersman will sprint in flat stages? Or maybe Boonen for flat stages and Meersman for hilly stages?
Mar 16, 2015
I remember Boonen winning a lot of stages at the Tour during his early years. He's a very strong sprinter especially when the race is tough.
Given he's already missed his main targets, I can see Boonen forgoing his usual caution and going all out for a win here. I reckon he'll get one too.
Matthews nailed on for points jersey if he wants it and stays the course. Otherwise Lobato?
alspacka said:
There are only 3 categories I think, which should be fairly clear cut. Flat, hill, mountain. 50, 25, 15 points.

Unless I misunderstand...
That is somewhat true. The "3" categories are Cats A & B, Cat C and Cats D & E. So you can see in true ever-ambiguous Italian style, there are 5 categories within the 3 categories.

Yesterday, stage 3, was classed as a Cat D = "mountain" according to your breakdown. However I would have guessed it was a "hill" stage. So it is not "fairly clear cut" at all. Nothing ever is in the Giro.

Can anyone provide a link?
Re: Re:

PeterB said:
Netserk said:
7 sprint stages now makes it "so sprinter-unfriendly that it is a little wonder that there are so many of them" :rolleyes: I guess only the 2004 Giro will satisfy you.
Let's see how the racing develops. But I do not expect more than 4 full-bunch sprints. To me that seems quite a few, from the perspective of a sprinter who must survive all the climbing in between. Or can this be considered a typical number of sprints per Giro?
So they were just 4 indeed. But enough to make all bigger names happy the way they shared victories + red jersey as a consolation prize for Nizzolo...