Stage 19: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienn - La Toussuire-Les Sybelle

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jaylew said:
Seriously? I'm not seeing that at all. He's worked his butt off for Nairo this Tour. He's always talking to Nairo, always checking for him, he's made a bunch of attacks...if anyone can be criticized it's Nairo or Unzué. You don't honestly think he's been riding against team direction.
Have to agree with this. Bala's attacks have lacked bite, but that was to be expected, and he pulled up Froome a bit on the Mur de Bretagne. Otherwise he's been pretty helpful, particularly given his GC standing. He's more than earned a free role tomorrow.

carton said:
cantalupe said:
Eagle said:
I can't believe they let the car pass, hes only about 10 seconds ahead
But he's a Frenchman in a french team.
Maybe, but more likely they don't care about the fine. No way 200 to 1,000 francs is stopping them from a serious chance at the KOM jersey and securing a top 10 GC spot.
Jury report is out and it was 200 francs. Not much more than a replica polka dot jersey. I'm guessing they value the real thing a bit more.
It's clear that Valverde is riding for podium (but doesn't actively screw up Quintana's chances while doing so). I can't really blame him even though I want Quintana to win the Tour. He's 35, this might be his best and last chance.
Re: Stage 19: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienn - La Toussuire-Les Sybe

I felt this stage could be good and it was ;) Unfortunately nobody (read Quintana) followed Nibali on Croix de Fer when Froome had some problems. Nairo's attack was much much too late but his ride was spectacular compared to his rivals. Froome lost only 30 seconds (still a strong ride) but the rest over 100 seconds in 5 kilometers! Today Nairo should attack again but he's running out of time. It looks like he may have lost his tour in the first week.
Apr 30, 2009
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bala v

"Thing is, Quintana is holding back for Valverde. Atleast that's the impression I'm getting.
I really like bala, but I can't stand him this Tour. So passive so defensive. Today his fake attack was ridiculous as well. Look I attack... oh dear god.. I'm alone here on this mountain. I better wait for them again.[/quote]"

You have got that right. Without a few of the great stage wins (Cummings, Bardet, and others) this TDF would go down as one for the dullards.