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Stage 19: Vesuvius

Who wil win the stage?

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Apr 1, 2009
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Will Sastre or Di Luca erupt? Or will the lava flow from the big diesel's Basso and Menchov.
Does Pellizotti still believe he can win the overall? Will he go for it again today?
Is no one watching? Lance has crashed.
See for yourselves.

Rolled into the wall at the side there (just getting up, bike in middle of road, in shadow)
Back in the bunch now. Seems OK.
Does this count as informative or a dig, 53?:rolleyes:
Apr 11, 2009
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Lance crash may be sign of fatigue. He REALLY looks beat up/fatigued in his LiveStrong site videos. Mind you, most of his guest interviewees do too.

Not getting any younger, though, recovery-wise, it must be.