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I'm 53 years old and I have a resting heart rate of 43 bpm. I produce posts in between heart beats. Now if I raised my hematocrit up to around 60%, could I produce stage design to rival you two?
I just assume that anyone who posts regularly in the stage design thread is Portuguese.

No way that anyone can post such extreme levels of intricate detail whilst holding down a steady job, without the use of PED's.
The Roglic thread is to be renamed Gaye Bykers on Acid. They're already in a frenzy and the race hasn't even started. Then they do a few days in Gouda territory and I doubt even Roglic or Remco can have a mishap there. When does the Vuelta really kick off. Well it doesn't. A gt without a queen stage or even a decent stage. Maybe Yates can win. It's going to be great. There's at least 4 threads that are going to be hilarious.
One would expect Roglic to win because of a thing called science, but it's far from certain.
Nobody has posted in the Roglic thread for a while. Incredibly, it's only the 20th thread from the top in the PRR forum.

This feels like when Rasmussen disappeared at times during 2007. I predict that thread will soon be glowing big time.
Very little hysteria thus far. Disappointing.

I fear that this thread might be having a similar initial impact to the bio passport, with certain risk taking forum members now minimising their glow time to avoid detection.

I suspect that we need Roglic and/or Remco to lose minutes at some point.
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Clearly roid rage going on in the Remco thread. "I hate to say I told you so, but I smugly told you so. Allow me to quote all the posts where you were wrong whereas of course I was right." This kind of aggression is without doubt from steroid abuse. A hashish level of denial is clouding the Roglic thread: "he still has a chance", but they're too stoned to really hammer it home. The vuelta has produced big time.
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