Sunday 16th Jan: Cancer Council Classic, 51km

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sky showing some discipline and leaving the leadout till the right time.

maybe cav is out to prove a point
Jun 3, 2009
Good to see the Aussies get the results and even old man Robbie was there.

Also always good when media hype is shown up to be what it is.
Jan 11, 2010
sublimit said:
What happened to Greiple?

Swift 7th so that was decent.
He was beaten to the line by renowned sprinter Laurens ten Dam (6th).

edit: but this must be an error, looking at the other names in the top-10.

Not Riding Enough said:
Only for some.
Meh, the Greipels and the Farrars of this world usually end up somewhere in the top-5.
Jun 16, 2009
ingsve said:
Alexander Kristoff would have won this but now John Murphy crashed so that means the other sprinters have a sporting chance. :D
What a disatrous night. I felt like I was watching a horror movie. Murphy crashes out, BMC tried to deliver Kristoff to the front but couldn't, Kristoff had to fight his way up to front by himself and then Krstioff got swamped. Murphy crashed and worst of all Timmy Loves Rabo was right again and I was wrong!:( I am seriously hating 2011 already!
ingsve said:
Is there a way around that?

I'm listening to the live audio at least.
I muted my tv and put on ABC but after 5 mins I just put up with liggett. Lost count of how many times he mentioned armstrong.
Okay, thanks, always read about a crash at the back. I hope Farrar, Cav and Greipel can join the competition at the main race and that there are no serious injuries.

Goss is a really big favorite for this race. It's a shame that he probably won't be able to sprint for bonus seconds at the stages. I think he won't have any problems over willunga hill.

Picture of the sprint with the big gap behind the first 15 riders.