Suspect samples destroyed in Guatemala

Mar 16, 2009
This the way to do it. Destroy your B samples yourself and leave nothing to chance

"According to Guatemalan daily Siglo XXI, the driver of the DHL van, Julio Eduardo López, was attacked by unknown assailants who destroyed samples taken by the Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG) and being sent for testing in Canada. The report made to police also alleges that prior to the attack the two riders had gone to the DHL office looking for the samples."

Suspect samples destroyed in Guatemala
Jul 27, 2009
May not be the riders...

From the CN report:

Tour of Guatemala winner's additional test samples made unusable in burlesque attack .

The mind boggles. Did they really get ukelele-playing acrobats performing a striptease to attack the van, then? :D
Jun 19, 2009
MacRoadie said:
They should have sent it FedEx

"When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight"

Nice turn of words. Guatamala has always had an abundance of PEDs available. Friends talk of leaving the starting line in a race there and hearing what sounded like Rice Krispies "snapping and popping". It was the excess spillage of pills left on the ground!
Mar 17, 2009
Guatemalan shame :eek:(

It's so sad for me, a born Guatemalan to hear about your country in a
Cycling forum not for winning events but rather shameful events, I really thought we had a limit on how low we can sink but this really outdid my expectations:(
I'm just curious to see if the European peloton will start to do similar things. Not sure if your blood will come back clean, then just get some friends to hijack the courier. I'm sure that some of the Italian riders have 'connections' that could prove very valuable in this regard.:D