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Daniel Benson

Mar 2, 2009
The Tour de France is cycling's annual highlight – and also the busiest time in the forum!

To keep things under control, we are introducing a new system to make sure the forum discussion stay polite and interesting. It is called Three Strikes and You're Out.

Basically, for the first violation, you get a warning.

For the second violation, you automatically get a 24 hour ban.

For the third violation, you automatically get a one-month ban.

No exceptions!

What are violations? This covers the “minor crimes” of a forum, so to speak, and things which really are more or less common sense:
obscenities, including trying to avoid the forum filter; insults; other offensive statements; going off-topic after a mod has said to stop; generally doing anything a mod has said not to. .... and this list is not all-inclusive.

NOTE: This also includes the use of doping 'nicknames' to describe riders eg Pharmstrong, Clentador, Albuterol, etc. Where this occurs outside of The Clinic it will be considered doping discussion and moderated accordingly as a strike.

Sock puppets, spammers, and trolls will be dealt with as usual.

Anyone who receives a sanction (first, second or third) will of course be notified of the action taken.

We simply want to insure that the Cyclingnews forum remains a pleasant place for everyone to virtually sit down together for a pleasant chat about our favourite sport!

Thanks for your co-operation and let's all enjoy the Tour!
Not open for further replies.
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