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TDF Stage 1....

It's passing the same roads as the famous dutch Giro stage. All along the coast, but this time only the first 90km and then the last 110km inland. I think this will neutralise the big risk, but what if a team decides to pull from the start when their is a strong side wind? That would break the peloton in the first kilometers of the stage.
It's a big 'what if' since it would be a very exhausting start of a Tour, but it would be very cool.
It would be cool, but firstly, they're turning inland which means that, while there may be wind it won't be as damaging as along the coast; secondly, there will be fewer suspect bike handlers and people unused to waaier conditions in the Tour than the Giro, so things breaking up because of big crashes is less likely; thirdly, the Tour is almost always raced far more conservatively than the Giro. I seriously doubt that any GC team will want to have to toast themselves on the front for 110km of the first stage to maintain a small advantage, and things will likely come back together.

There's a chance things could happen, but I'll believe it when I see it.