TDU podium prediction

Aug 4, 2010
I think Goss takes 1st primarily due to his team. I'm thinking Just maybe Cav will show his team spirit and give a few wins to Goss and that should be enough to win by a slim margin over Greipel (2nd)

3rd is tough. I dont think Davis has it this year. Henderson Crashed pretty badly yday so I dont think he'll show up. Farrar? I haven't heard how his form is, and it was spotty at best at the end of 2010. Robbie is too old to get over the hill. Maybe Rojas? Sure, why not

1- Goss
2- Greipel
3- Rojas
Jun 16, 2009
Why do I have the painful feeling that Lance will be allowed to go on a long one, one day and that will potentially put him on the podium.... :rolleyes:

Otherwise I would agree that Greipel will be up there and that Goss is likely to be there too.
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