Team bikes transfers or rumours 2013?

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Aug 4, 2010
Christian said:

I wonder if that means the kit will change too?

Last year the team said they had considered going with a red kit but then went with the pinstripes instead.

This year they made a pretty big deal about this whole pinstripes thing though (#showyourstripes), it's kind of their brand symbol now, so hard to see them going back from that
hopefully their kit won't be black :)
Using this thread as I do not think there is a new thread for this year.

Quote from earlier in the thread:
ViVELO said:
Team bike for Caja Rural.

bikes for life.
Unfortunately, things did not go so well eventually, as it seems:
Caja Rural to ride Fuji

Spanish Pro Continental team Caja Rural will ride Fuji bikes from 2015 after signing a two-year agreement with the American-owned Japanese company. Caja Rural will use the Altamira frame alongside the new aero model the Transonic, which was launched ahead of the Tour de France. For the time trials, the team will ride the Narcom Straight.
Fuji comes to the team after sponsoring NetApp-Endura for the past two seasons. Caja Rural previously rode Vivelo but was sued by the Bulgarian company after their riders were spotted apparently using BMC bikes that had been painted with the Vivelo colours and logo. The company also sued the team for unfulfilled advertising. The case sparked some concern in Spain that the team could lose their Pro Continental licence due to the financial burden.
The issue between Vivelo and CJR was apparently reported already in August. This article even includes pictures of LLS riding arguably BMC and Pinarello painted as Vivelo

Genuine Vivelo for comparison:

Will be curious to hear any new developments. Has the case meanwhile progressed? Vivelo claimed well over 1 million euros from the team...