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Team DSM thread

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You do realise that a sizeable chunk of WF posters is Flemish, and that the behaviour you refer to doesn't apply to the vast majority of people on there anyway? The fact that the chunk of the Dutch population who think they know better than anyone else is probably larger than average shouldn't be generalized to the Dutch population as a whole, your claim that it's the attitude of a majority has absolutely zero evidence to back it up; snapshots from places like Albufeira and Kirchberg are about as representative for the average Dutch person as your typical English-dominated Spanish party town is for the average Briton, or a Southern trailer town is for the average American. Moreover, both of those stereotypes are also often used to make generalising statements, whether they're about a part of the population (Southern, young, 'lesser-educated') or the country's population as a whole.

Look, I don't really post much on WF anymore, but that's not because of widespread arrogance and hatefulness, rather because it simply isn't there.

Oh, and on the subject of arrogance and hatefulness towards foreign riders...

Everything I quoted is based on facts . No arrogance, but facts. I'm not reading any substantive or argued response from you here.
Everything I quoted is based on facts . No arrogance, but facts. I'm not reading any substantive or argued response from you here.

Everything you wrote and also other posts of you that DE didn't quote are arrogant; if you don't see that while calling the Dutch arrogant on no basis, this is definitely my final reason to put you on ignore.
My, sometimes this is something else here, like I'm living in an alternative reality... thought we had the dot thread for that.
That guy has exactly one under result worth mentioning. It's really not controversial to let him race minor races for one more year before considering wt.
This, I don't like DSM and their overall approach, but I fail to see what they did wrong this time. Let him ride another season in the u23 ranks and have him be a stagiaire from August onward. Already going pro on a WT team wouldn't have made a lot of sense.
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I am struggling to see the issue with Hayter and DSM - he rides 2022 in the DSM conti team and if he is good enough he'll get a WT contract in 2023 - DSM will not accepting a WT contract.
Apparently he wanted to get the contract right now, that makes no sense for DSM because they probably have a clause in his developmental contract that allows them to sign him for the WT team afterwards if both parties agree. Why wouldn't you let him ride one more year in the u23 ranks to see how he does and what kind of rider he is before offering him a WT contract?
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As usually there seems to more to this that is not in the public domain.
As already said there is no reason to leave with the options available at end of year.
I understand his big aims were the baby Giro and L,Avenir overall. He has been putting a big focus this winter on improving his time trial performance.
Maybe will join big brother from autumn onwards.
Is the statistics correct that they still have no win this year? That must not be good for team morale.

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I hope they get relegated. It's a poorly managed team with overly strict and absurd rules, the talent is being drained year by year due to their poor management of riders...

SKA, Arensman, Degenkolb and Bardet are the only riders which can consistently score points for them, with John noticeably regressing. Maybe Dainese in lesser sprints classics.

They got way too many points in 2020. Israel and LTS are way too far behind. Maybr Israel can do it once they're top riders are fit and if DSM completely loses the plot but I doubt it. Lotto is definitely never catching them.
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Well let’s be honest here:

Kragh Andersen A

Thats hardly PCT level and it's (8)11/28 riders for DSM already. And all the way to the top of their internal hierarchy they are just short of quality riders.

Arensman, Dainese, Leknessund all very talented riders (Who are being wasted partially), but they should be racing in an environment where everything they achieve is a big plus and the actual pressure to get results lies with team captains. In this team only Soren Kragh Andersen and Bardet can get that role. But even SKA and Bardet are hardly among the 10-15 best on their terrain.

For me it would also be best if this team relegates. Just dont deserve it anymore, even though I used to admire their way of developing riders years back.
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Not even RhD would be envious of those counting skills.

hahaha ***. I made the list this morning. Then decided not to post it.

When I went to the forum again the list was still there. So I thought it was 11 I counted before.

Only to find out it is 12.

Edit: All jokes aside I now see that I meant to include Stork (Yes, please prove me wrong with random UAE results) Tusveld and Welsford. So I did remember correctly, but the forum saves only half the texts apparently. :D
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