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Team sizes to remain the same in 2017


Cyclingnews understands there will be no reduction in team sizes in the 2017 Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, the cobbled Classics and other races, after leading race organisers ASO, RCS sport and Flanders Classics accepted that any changes to planned team sizesmust be put on hold and approved by the UCI’s Professional Cycling Council that is responsible for the rules of professional racing.

Decisions cannot be made unilaterally, there must be consensus. Completely back the UCI in this instance, this will most likely go through in 2018. This year:

Nov 29, 2010
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Ironically you posted a picture of 8 sky riders at the front of the peleton, it's not 2018 yet. :lol:

To be fair this is the correct decision, the ASO and RCS need to learn to be a bit more professional. Good idea, horrible execution.
Yeah. I mean, I'm sure Giant could have benefited from not having to send that many riders to the Spring Classics, but let's hope that's not a situation any team will find itself in again anytime soon, or... ever.

Otoh, I don't agree with the people saying that lowering the number of riders in the (big) races will make it harder for riders to get WT contracts; UCI is already making sure of that with their plan to lower the number of WT teams...