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I had Moschetti last year and he just wasn't very good so I didn't really consider him this year. If I had followed his season more carefully and found out that he was slowed down by two big crashes I might have given him an extra year to prove himself. That's on me and weirdly now, I'm rooting even more for him to suceed. Hopefully he perform well all year and it's not an Andrew Fenn 2012 season where he scores half his points in Mallorca.
You jinxed it. :(
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You jinxed it. :(
Crashes suck so much, I really wish we could find a way to limit their impact. I'm worried that it's already his third major crash since turning pro. I'm hoping it's just terrible luck and not a deeper issue like a lack of bike handling skill that's causing his crashes. Let's hope he can make a full and speedy recovery.

Am I regretting not having picked Bouhanni?

Yes, yes I am.
It's a nice haul for the week but he's not exactly dominating (and it's a pretty weak sprinting field). It's a bit early to worry, especially since all the guys you picked in that price range are really good too (who would you have left out ?).

To end on a more optimistic note, Brunel is now into profit so that makes four (Levasseur, Haas and Kanter) including my two rarest picks already.
Bouhanni is pretty much the only highlight for me this week. Dainese and Cort scored a couple of points as well, but Latour was nowhere to be found in Besseges, Soler underperformed in Valencia, Lonardi isn't delivering in Langkawi, and of course Moschetti had his bad crash. Let's hope next week is more promising.
It was a good week. Without impressing too much in a weak field, Bouhanni scored a lot of points. Hopefully it continues. Fernandez into profit. Soler picking up some more points also. Cort looking good with a win and scoring points on three stages in Etoile de Bessèges, where my rare pick Damien Touze (only picked by one more poster) scored a very decent 40 points with his 7th place overall on GC. Maybe I had expected a bit more from Valgren but a 5th place on the last stage is maybe a sign that form is just brewing in preparation for upcoming races. We will have to wait and see.

Anyway... there is some races next week:

NARVÁEZ Jhonatan
ARU Fabio
RUBIO Einer Augusto

Hit or miss.

Tour de la Provence
TOUZÉ Damien
CORT Magnus
GENIEZ Alexandre

Bagioli is a bit of an unknown at this level, who knows what he can do here. A bit same with Hänninen. Kuss I hope can make a good result for GC. Oomen too, but is a bit of an unknown after last season. Hope he is alright. Touze seems to be in good form but the route is a bit tough here to expect an overall result I think. Geniez won this race in 2018, but had a very bad season last year.

I come to the same conclusion as my thoughts on Colombia... hit or miss.

KÄMNA Lennard
MAS Enric

I would be disappointed to walk away with nothing.

For Trofeo Laigueglia and Clasica de Almeria next Sunday the startlists are not done yet.
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Another positive week with Brunel, Bouhanni, Groves, Dainese and Soler combining for a pretty nice haul. Things should definitely quiet down for me next week, I don't have many guys racing.

ARU Fabio

PINOT Thibaut

KÄMNA Lennard
In a race where I had Soler, Moscon and Kwiat, didn't expect Fernandez to be the biggest point scorer. Barring injury, it's safe to say he will be a very good pick. Some positive signs from Bouhanni at Saudi. He was blocked in the final sprint and could have won the overall. He's already at 50% and unlikely therefore to be a bad pick. Gallopin definitely could be though. He's already fallen off his bike again and that could put the spring classics in jeopardy.

Van Lerberghe

Will be most interested in how Restrepo goes against a very decent field


Probably too early for Pinot and Oomen. Anything from the others would be a bonus.


Probably the race I'm looking forward to the most. Will be dominated by Astana and Movistar but hoping for two top tens, maybe a top 5
I lost Tobias Foss and Matteo Moschetti to injuries last week.

Here’s what my roster’s participation looks like for the coming week.

Tour de la Provence
Kasper Asgreen
Dries Devenyns
Julien Duval
Aurélien Paret-Peintre

Tour Colombia 2.1
Sergio Higuita
Álvaro José Hodeg
Matteo Jorgenson
Jannik Steimle

Vuelta Ciclista a la Región de Murcia
Enric Mas
Alex Molenaar
Lukas Pöstlberger

I have high hopes for Devenyns, Higuita, and Mas if it's not too early for him.
Feb 2, 2015
Yes, I also have Celano as my Wunderwaffe. Ficara was twice as expensive and while being a better one day racer I rate Celano higher as a climber and a stage racer.
Yeah I will probably regret picking Ficara in the long run. But for now it's fun.
I see they will participate in Tour of Antalya as well, which is 2.1 this year.
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