The 2020 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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It doesn't really make sense to me, considering Colombia starts 4 days after Langkawi, but ok I won't complain if he indeed rides it.
Yeah, I thought about that too.

It makes sense if he traveled back to Europe after his crash to be closer to the team for his recovery and is fine now. Then decided to send him to Langkawi, instead of back to South America. Idk but maybe.
It doesn't really make sense to me, considering Colombia starts 4 days after Langkawi, but ok I won't complain if he indeed rides it.
He just posted a photo in his Facebook story - at home doing a rollers session with a cast on his wrist. He won't ride Langkawi that's for sure. A shame though, Genting Highlands would have been more fun with him racing.
Update #4: Hakkie 2 Good for the Competition

With San Juan and Mallorca, as well as a couple of races in Australia and the Colombian nats, there were a wealth of races without giant points in any given one, but some of the weekly scores approached the big weeks to follow later in the year with multiple WT races! It was a very good week for some teams indeed.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

Last year's podium finisher Hakkie2 wins the week with an incredible 817 points, beating every team but Jakob747 by over 100. Of course, if you're paying attention you'd have guessed that the winning team this week had to have Remco Evenepoel, who picked up a solid 210 points for the 26 teams who thought he'd still be a good pickup after his remarkable rookie year. As well, the 24 teams who picked the somewhat cheaper and somewhat older sophomore Matteo Moschetti had to be thrilled with his two wins in Mallorca, breaking even with 2019 after two days. Hakkie had them both. Aside from next highest scorer Marc Soler (88 points, 74 teams), most of the rest of the good points on Hakkie's team (83 from Gaviria, 62 McCarthy, 44 Fernandez, 40 Dainese) came from riders picked by 30 teams or fewer. A great start to the season. Jakob747, as mentioned, landed in second thanks to Evenepoel and Moschetti, and to rare picks Higuita (100 points, 4 teams) and Muhlberger (88 points, 2 teams). Game newcomer western grebe nabs third, edging out game veteran EvansIsTheBest by 3 points.

This Week's High Movers


Wow, some real jumps this week, and such a close race at the top of this classification. christopherrowe leaps an astounding 75 spots with a 'go big or go home' lineup of rare riders: unique pick Dries Devenyns really pays off with 180 points for winning in Australia (and is at 234 at a cost of 173 already), and the aforementioned Moschetti and Higuita. Bicycle Boy comes oh so close, but will have to be consoled with a 74 spot leap in the standings thanks to Remco, Moschetti, McNulty and Gaviria, while Jakob747 doubles up on the podiums this week.

Green Jersey Competition

4the asian45

This week is the first this year where will10 isn't in the top 15 of the week. That allows teams like Jakob747 (26 Green Jersey points on the week) and Fivezzz (10 on the week) to gain a bit, while Hakkie2 joins the ranks of weekly winners in the logjam at 4th place.

Top 10 Overall

7(-)18-Valve. (pithy)869

Well given that Hakkie2 scored 817 on the week and and 842 total will get you in the top 10, it's no wonder that their team scores a 55 spot leap into the top overall position. Now that we've seen some points get the season underway, there shouldn't be quite as dramatic leaps in the future, but we still do have a brand new top 3 and mostly new top 10, with last week's leader Object the only team that was on the podium last week still in the top 10. western grebe and zaka fan round out the podium.

I should mention that the Collective Wisdom team, composed of the most popular riders in the game, would be in 35th place at 645 points.

This week only sees the action pack up with stage races in multiple countries, including Spain, France, Malaysia, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Okay, where's my team at this week? Lots and lots going on.

Saudi Tour

Mark Cavendish
Nacer Bouhanni
Sergei Chernestki

Well it's a good sign that two of these guys were in the 18 guys that finished with the lead time on the opening stage. If a larger group survives the climbs on the climbing stage, Bouhanni could maaaaybe be there, and that's exactly Chernetski's type of thing if he's in good condition.

Herald Sun Tour

Simon Yates
Alberto Dainese
Max Kanter

Geez, I just saw the profiles for the first time... two big climbing stages! This should be Yates' to lose to be honest. Good to see that Dainese already took the first stage, could be in contention for two more.


Marc Soler
Davide Ballerini
Michal Kwiatkowski
Gianni Moscon
Dmitry Strakhov

Well, Soler's shown he looks good, and Kwiatko often has good form early season... Strakhov has done well in exactly these type of Spanish races before, but was invisible in Mallorca so who knows.


Pierre Latour
Matteo Moschetti
Arthur Vichot
Sean De Bie
Danny Van Poppel

Moschetti has shown he's on fire, DvP should theoretically do well as he has a pretty high floor. De Bie and Vichot may... need some time to get into seasonal shape, to put it politely. But Latour should be a good overall threat.

That's 16 of my guys even without Langkawi! Should be a lot to keep track of. I love the start of the season.
Nice to see two riders already into positive numbers. Yes, yes, they didn't exactly have many points last year, but it's nice to see this early in the season. My first two riders into positive numbers are Manuel Peñalver and Iñigo Elosegiu.
Nice to see my name at the top. The show continues so far with Dainese and Bouhanni already scoring points this week.

And of course my 2 Italian jokers Ficara and Celano are about to crush the competition in Malaysia.
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Unless he crashed or had some other mishap, Arthur Vichot looks done, unfortunately. One of the few DNFs in GP la Marseillaise. Was always a very uncertain pick considering how hard he was hit by the virus last season.
And then three days later, there he is, bossing the cross-winds. Very promising performance today.

But what the hell happened with De Bie?! Initial results had him at 7th on the day, now he is second-to-last... Oh, well, almost everybody has him anyway.
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The pain! The pain! It is so hard watching all these great riders do great things for other teams, while I sit in my little hole with no riders doing anything. Maybe I'm built for the grand tours? Naaa. Well done to the genius's of this group.
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My team is on a roll right now. Dainese and Groves go 1-2 in the first stage of the Herald Tour and Brunel won stage 1 in Bessèges. It's great that it's my rarer selections that have really been driving my team at the moment. I'll need every point to hold off all those Yates team after he gets another 150 free points this week.
Bouhanni is giving very little grounds for optimism. Disappointing starts by Yates and Kwiatkowski. If these two stumble through the season again, then my team is doomed.

On the plus side, Chernetski and Fernandez are both well placed. The latter seems completely rejuvenated by his move away from Movistar. And Moscon being this sharp early on is encouraging

So many races this early in the season. It's an emotional rollercoaster!
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Having done very nicely with Pogacar last year, I decided to leave him out this year. That looks like a mistake already. The boy can do it all.
You have Orluis Aular :p. I started to follow Aular in 2013 during the Vuelta a Yacambu. He was a first-year junior and battling against the likes of Anderson Paredes and Carlos Gimenez. They had a mountain top-finish that year on the famous Lomas de Cubiro (1750 meters of altitude) Aular was strong and manifested himself that day although he couldn't match the older and more experienced Paredes and Gimenez.

Gimenez won that day and it was here Gianni Savio discovered him for the first time and said he had a style similar to Rujano and started calling him Rujanito. One of the few times Savio has been wrong because fragile Gimenez never prospered.

Anyway, Aular went from strength to strength in 2014 he won Vuelta de la Juventud (Venezuela) Miguel Florez (Androni) was 3rd on GC back then btw. Aular finished 2nd on GC in Yacambu and was junior national road-race champion as well.

In the u23 ranks, he changed his profile and gained some extra kilos. His sprint became more lethal and he didn't climb as good as before- more or less the profile he has today. Fast sprint and dangerous on semi-mountainous terrain.

All this just to say I think tomorrow's stage in Saudi Arabia suits him excellently :p - it could even be harder but oh well. I wish you luck with your Aular edition. I considered him myself but I found him too expensive mainly because we first need to see him confirm himself at this level. Exciting rider-repertoire though.