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I have been alerted that Lortnoc's team is somehow different than the team that was submitted to me before the deadline, I've checked the old PMs to make sure. The change has been made in the spreadsheet and I'm going to try to update the popularity/green jersey numbers to reflect that. No idea how that happened, but it's fixed. Keep alerting me if you see any errors!
Tropicale Amissa Bongo

That’s one of the worst field Minali will face this year. If he isn’t into profit by the end of the race it might be a long year for him. Intrigued to see what my most unique pick Levasseur is going to do. Pretty nice redemption story for those that don’t know him very well. Turned pro in the third division with the french army team in 2015 and really started to pick up results in 2017 (won a few .2 races in France, 7th in GP de Fourmies). Unfortunately the team folded at the very end of that year so he had to go back to the amateur ranks. Didn’t do much in 2018. By his own admission he lacked urgency at the start of the year and got pretty lazy (the team paid the riders salaries for the beginning of 2018 because it folded so late they didn’t have time to find other teams). Then he got into a bit of a conflict with his club which didn’t help (they expected more from him, he wanted to switch to a team closer to his home once he saw that the fit wasn’t there). Almost quit cycing altogether. But in 2019, he changed his attitude and went to another amateur team. Most importantly he went back to work and ended up earning another chance in the pros. I’m hopng he can show more of the speed he flashed in 2017 (he’s from 1995 so he’s still fairly young). Obviously the ceiling is fairly low with him riding for a continental team but for a cost of 4 points, I'm not expecting him to score a million points anyway.
Not a million, but 110 points is pretty impressive! Congratulations.
Minali on the other hand...
Ghirmay scored 45 points for me, a shame he lost so much time on stage 2, otherwise he would have finished pretty high up on the gc.
I think he can score a decent amount of points for me in many of the smaller stage races, maybe also one day races, that Delko are racing.
TDU wasn't an important race for me, my best rider was Felline...
San Juan will be different, McNulty and Gaviria should score some points and Ravanelli could surprise some people.
Not a million, but 110 points is pretty impressive! Congratulations.
Minali on the other hand...
I'm thrilled with what Levasseur has done this week. He'll basically replicate for me what Yates has done for other teams. Now all he has to do is keep Simon's pace until the end of the year :p

Minali didn't do much this week but he was clearly riding in support of Girmay this week instead of being the leader of the team which is what he'll probably be in most of his races this year. I'm going to stay positive and wait until he fails as the main sprinter of Delko before declaring him a bust. Besides the Minali vs Power decision looks a lot less worse tonight than it did 24 hours ago.

I have Gaviria, McNulty and Evenepoel riding in San Juan. All three are pretty key to my chances of performing well this year so I'll track all of them closely but I'm most interested in how much better Evenepoel is this time around.
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Update #3: Object Lesson on How to Win a CQ Week

The CQ manager game kicked into high gear this week, with results from Gabon but most importantly the first World Tour points of the year in the TdU. The winners of both of these races were only chosen by two teams, so there is some stratification at the top, and of course with so many points on offer, the table is in upheaval.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

Porte with his 386 points - already at 59% of his 2019 score - would be good enough for 5th place on this table on their own, so it was always likely that the winning team would be one of the two that chose Porte. And indeed, Object runs away with the week combining Porte points with 121 points from Simon Yates (a bit more popular, on 84 teams) and a decent 37 from Rob Power and finishing points from a few others. Nicosix nabs a very good second place without Porte, but a well-rounded team effort thanks mainly to Yates, Sam Bennett (117 points, 5 teams), surprise Gabon winner Jordan Levasseur (120 points at a cost of 4!, 2 teams), and rare picks Biniam Hailu and Jeremy Cabot pick some up as well. ChrisDK nabs a podium spot as the other Porte-haver.

This Week's High Movers

5Yellow Knight(+52)

Well. You know there's going to be some serious movement in the first real points week of the season, and there certainly was. ChrisDK went from zero points on the season to getting 430 this week, so an 84 spot jump in a competition with 113 teams is about as big as it gets (88 teams had scored a point before this week). Riverside rode Yates, Philipsen (111, 2 teams) and unique pick Emmanuel Morin (82 points) to a 64 spot jump, and hfgon1 celebrates a 63 spot jump as one of the 2 teams to pick Matthew Holmes (60 points), as well as George Bennett (90) and Yates.

Green Jersey Competition

2the asian45

Object takes 45 points to tie the other two weekly winners on the table, while will10 extends their lead by scoring the third week in a row (22 points this time). greenedge also scores for the third week in a row, netting 8 more points to land in the top 5 here.

Top 10 Overall

7(+7)18-Valve. (pithy)391

Three teams from last week's top 10 remain this week - the aforementioned consistent will10 and greenedge, as well as dimasotf. But last week's leader the asian falls to 12th, and this week's top 2 on the week leap 35 and 50 spots to become the top 2 overall. This week, the points keep coming from a variety of places: currently in San Juan, the new 1.1 Race Torquay and then the Cadel race in Australia, and of course, the start of racing in Europe with the Mallorca Challenge and finally the continental opener in Marseille on Sunday.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Moschetti off to a nice start, Dainese picking up 40 points to dig into his 200 point cost... young Italian sprinters coming through! Kaden Groves getting some points in the "makes me start to wish I picked him" pile, and I definitely strongly considered the expensive riders Sam Bennett and Evenepoel... well, gotta make some choices in this game!
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yep, I have McNulty, Soler, Dainese, Fernandez so can't complain this week.

it is only one race so far but already regretting a bit that I did not even look once at Moschetti as a choice.
Two Mallorca podiums this week with a win for Soler and a podium for Valverde.

I think if I'm reading the points correctly for Mallorca Soler gets 88 for a win and a 13th. Valverde 60 for a 2nd and 10th and Mas 7 for 14th.

I have a rider or two at San Juan, but don't think they'll do well enough to score any points.
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