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This week hasn't been great, and the two upcoming stage races are not promising. The classics can't start soon enough for my team

UAE - Froome. Strakhov, Chernetski, Hanninen. Chernetski could do something. Mostly I hope I don't start regretting leaving out Zakarin, and forgetting about Cavendish.

Rwanda - Restrepo. He looks sharp this year so far. Am anticipating a few stage placings at least.
It doesn't look good for me at all. Kwiatkowski and even more so Hirschi seem to be bad picks and they are among my most expensive ones. Cosnefroy is the one I'm really happy with, but he might have to work for Bardet a lot.
It doesn't look good for me at all. Kwiatkowski and even more so Hirschi seem to be bad picks and they are among my most expensive ones. Cosnefroy is the one I'm really happy with, but he might have to work for Bardet a lot.
You're not alone, there. But the season is still long.

I thought it ominous when Edmondson was left out of the Australian summer but now he seems to be crushing the Ruta del Sol ITT. Good to see.

Edit: Crush was a strong word, but still a good sign.
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Great week for my team but then again everytime Evenepoel races it's a great week.

Bardet, Pinot, Kämna, Almeida, McNulty and Soler are going to provide a nice complement to Remco's win.

It was nice to see Modolo show some form too.

Picking Konychev over Fernandez is looking sillier by the week.
It was another midtable week I think.

Soler and Fernandez scored some points. Mas been disappointing so far but he has also been sick. Looked better and better as the race progressed, so there is hope that he could get going so he could at least breakeven or in the best of worlds turn into profit.

Bardet was 2nd behind Quintana in Tour du Var. Oomen 17th again, as he is getting back to racing. That is a good omen for both.

Kämna into profit after Algarve. Modolo 2nd on a stage.

Pretty much got no one in UAE this week or at least no one that will score something I think. It would be bonus.
More hopeful about the races this weekend. We will see.
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Update #7: EvansIsTheBest IsTheBest

February is rolling along and this week was another great one for the 26 teams who figured Remco Evenepoel would be worth the price tag (should we call that group of teams the "Remcoalition"?) But with Haut Var, as well as Algarve and Andalucia, it took more than one rider to win the week. I mean, he certainly helped, though.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

As mentioned in the headline, game veteran (the handle might indicate some senority on the forum) EvansIsTheBest kills it this week, ekeing out a victory by two points but scoring a pretty darn good 627 points. 234 of those came from Evenepoel, yes, but EITB managed to fit some more popular expensive riders in Pinot (51 this week) and Bardet (80 this week). So that was a good start, and less popular youngsters like McNulty (74 pts), Kamna (56 more to go into profit already) and Almeida (44) seal the deal. Leadbelly comes oh so close but has to settle for second, going their standard route of rare riders - of course Evenepoel led the charge, but most of the other gains were from 134 from Schachmann (2 teams), 54 from Dan Martin (4 teams) and a very fine 69 points from unique zero-pointer Alessandro Fancellu (or, as I call him as of this moment when I've heard of him for the first time ever, Alessandro Fancell-who?) And in third place is... goddamn it, it's Hakkie2 again! What a run for that team!

This Week's High Movers


Well, I suppose the 50+ spot jumps aren't quite over yet. Leadbelly's rare rider strategy tends to be boom or bust, and this is a pretty huge boom this week, moving up 53 spots (Alessandro Fancel-woo-hoo!) SafeBet and Bicycle_Boy tie for second, moving up 29 spots as members of the Remcoalition. Hakkie2 can't top this list, because you can't move up from the top spot.

(note: sorry if there are too many bad puns this week, I'm just in a mood)

Green Jersey Competition


A fair bit of movement at the top here this week, as two teams are looking really good (more on this later). Hakkie2 gets 30 points and EITB gets 45 to solidly slot into the top 2 spots, sending Jakob747 down to third. Fivezzz scores 16 points this week to move up to 4th overall.

Top 10 Overall

3(+7)18-Valve. (pithy)1857

Well, yes, Hakkie2 continues to kill it by getting 3rd on the week, but EvansIsTheBest was also 4th going into the week, and a dominant win (135 points more than Hakkie2) means that Hakkie2's lead to second actually went down from over 200 points last week to less than 150 this week. Of course, the rising tide floats both of their boats, as the top 2 are pulling away from the rest of the field. 18-Valve's 7th on the week gets their team an impressive leap onto the podium as well. Otoxiep87 and western_grebe jump into the top 10, while zaka_fan and yours truly slide on out.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Wow I’m pleasantly surprised to finish first in the last update (Restrepo is going to lead my team in scoring this week so a repeat is highly unlikely). Shout out to Leadbelly who would (should really) have won the week if CQ hadn’t included monday’s Rwanda stage in the update.

It’s nice to get a little bit of a cushion at the top even though Jakob should close the gap quickly thanks to Pogacar. But since it looks like for the first time this year one of his big three is going to actually lose a race the joke's on him really :p
Restrepo's five wins and three podiums make him the winningest rider so far this year on PCS. More pertinently to this game, that has earned 88 points, compared with 444points that Evenepoel's five victories have gained !

Still could be more to come from Rwanda though, and really looking forward now to seeing how he does in the European .1 and Pro calendar
Time to try and forget that my most expensive riders are Kwiat, Pinot and Yates, and find renewed optimism in the classics season

Van Poppel

Mostly hoping for a Bjarne bounce for Valgren, and signs that Moscon and Felline have some form this year.

Van Poppel
De Bie

Gutted that Modolo is missing this now. Van Poppel probably the best chance?


Mader is back(!) and riding both races, as is Vanendert. La Tour and Bouhanni in addition for Drome
Well, UAE Tour saw Kelderman get 80 points, a solid start to the year for him, but of course he's one crash away from no points for four months. But of course I'm hoping for a steady stream of top 10s in stage races.

Here's the weekend:

Het Nieuwsblad

Quinn Simmons
Gianni Moscon
Nils Eekhoff
SK Andersen
Danny Van Poppel

Well, Moscon can do well in any race really, and of course I'm hoping Andersen hits the ground running. DvP not so much his race, and I don't expect much from the neo-pros.


same as above; this should be more one for DvP, and if a small break goes, could see one of the others. All in all, a fairly thin weekend.

French races

only Riccardo Minali for the first, yikes! And then him plus Latour and Bouhanni for the second. Doesn't look real likely for much of anything.

I need a very precise set of circumstances to happen to get much out of this week.
Well I certainly feel better about Soren Kragh Andersen now.

Meanwhile, Restrepo is still feasting in Rwanda. After Levasseur winning Gabon, the African races have been very kind to my team this year.
Good to see Andersen starting his season with a good performance, Also Cavagna winning today was a great result for my team. Ghirmay picked up a few more points in Rwanda, just a shame that Restrepo didn't make it from my shortlist to final selection.
Getting very disheartened about my team, mainly due to the top six most expensive picks. Kwiat, Pinot, Yates, Valgren aren't doing anything. Gallopin hasn't lost the habit of crashing and Moscon hasn't lost the habit of being Moscon.

Only Restrepo, Soler, Bouhanni and Fernandez look competitive at the moment. I suppose the only way is up, but already feel too far behind
Update #8: 747 Flying High

Opening Weekend, although bigger in the hearts of racing fans than in pure CQ points, still threw out a good bunch of points to shake up the standings, and while the UAE Tour cancelled its last two stages and therefore the chance to get WT stage points, it still offered a good haul overall, and the promotion of former 1.1 French races made it a decent week.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

Jakob747 has already had several good weeks this year, but it finally comes together in a winning week here. Jakob has long made an impression on these forums as a passionate cycling fan with a keen eye for developing talent in both traditional and non-traditional cycling countries, and this has translated in this game in a mix of big swings that often turn into savvy picks. So it's no surprise to see points coming to their team from Tadej Pogacar (205 points, 3 teams), who (like fellow Jakob teammates Evenepoel and Higuita) are coming off a spectacular year but starting what may be an even more spectacular one. And supporting points from Simone Ravanelli (53 points, 2 teams) and Dries Van Gestel (33 points, unique pick) are very on brand, supplemented by somewhat more popular picks like Soren Kragh Andersen (92 points, 43 teams). (sidenote: comparing Jakob's team to a high popularity team like, I dunno, team skidmark, Andersen is Jakob's 9th most picked rider whereas he's my 18th). Sestriere finishes 13 points behind in second, nabbing 135 points from Remi Cavagna's imperious ride on Saturday (3 teams), as well as SK Andersen points and 75 from Nibali (3 teams as well). Falze finishes a bit farther back in third with a bit more of a committee approach, with Andersen the highest scorer and riders like Kelderman (80 points, 26 teams), Roelandts (42, 5) and Drucker (37, 13).

This Week's High Movers


Very similar top 5 here sans Jakob, who was already quite high in the standings and thus not far to move. Sestriere and Falze go one better than the other ranking, moving an impressive 35 and 29 spots respectively, while ThePirate81 slots into the final podium spot largely thanks to being one of the ten teams who took Jhonathan Restrepo (120 points).

This Month's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints This Month

It's the end of the month as well! As you might expect given that January is but an appetizer, the top 5 for February bears a strong resemblance to the top 5 overall. The 3 top teams have one prominent rider in common - 234 points from Remco Evenepoel. Although he's the highest scorer for 2 of those 3 teams, he's blown away by Jakob's highest scorer Pogacar, who got a fabulous 421 points in February (Remco's first stage race win came in January). EITB also saw 100+ points from Pinot, Bouhanni, Restrepo, Kamna, and Alexys Brunel this month.

This Month's High Movers


And a different top 3 here! Rakim takes the biggest cumulative leap, rising almost 50 points over the month after a slower January, getting between 96-165 points from riders such as Bardet, Pinot, Kamna, Jakobsen, Bouhanni and Kelderman. Leadbelly has a top-heavy lineup (top 4 scorers are 4 most expensive - Schachmann, Evenepoel, Pinot, Dan Martin) to tie with trackstand (helped by unique pick MA Lopez and rare pick Biniyam Hailu) for second.

Green Jersey Competition


Jakob747 was third in this competition coming into this week, and 45 points for first on the week does the trick in getting the jump into first overall here by 16 points. EITB gets 11 points this week to draw closer to Hakkie2 but dropping a spot. No other points in the top 5.

Top 10 Overall

8(-5)18-Valve. (pithy)1902

We have quite the battle at the top! Hakkie2 had a huge lead two weeks ago, but two fantastic weeks by EITB compared with 2 merely very good weeks from Hakkie close and reverse the gap. Jakob747's great week was enough to jump into third, but the other two were quite far ahead to begin with. Still, with a deadly top 3 rotation of Pogacar, Evenepoel and Higuita, it's easy to imagine many good weeks for Jakob as long as one of those 3 are racing. Squire, western_grebe and Helgeblendet also have had a great run of results that would merit more mention if not for the white hot month for the top 3. Mayomaniac slides into the top 10 while Otoxiep87 falls out.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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