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I'm not sure exactly what I think about what should be done for next year, but there's plenty of time to figure it out and plenty of scenarios that could play out before then. Some initial thoughts that I have:

  • if there are literally no more races until the end of the year, I'd prefer to go with just 2019 scores than do a 'highest of' thing. Manually programming a spreadsheet with the higher of two year's scores for hundreds of riders is something I'm absolutely not interested in doing, and I can't imagine how many teams would be submitted incorrectly that I'd have to manually check and back-and-forth message about if they are over budget due to having a rider score wrong because of the convoluted structure. Just from an administrative standpoint, that's my worst nightmare.
  • if there are some races but a significant number of races cancelled, I'd lean towards running the game with 2020 scores but a team score that's weighted based on where 7500 is now relative to the average ProTour team. That is, team cost this year was 7500, mean PT team score was 8716. So, team maximum score would be tailored to roughly 86% of the average PT team score that ends up with however many races are raced this year.
The second option is more likely, I thiiiink (but of course this situation is as uncertain as it is unprecedented), and sure some riders would be cheap even relative to this if they had a short window to get points, and injuries would have more impact if you miss basically the whole truncated season. But that's similar to the year-to-year vagaries of this game, and having a lot of 'cheap' good riders to choose from is in line with the element of skill necessary in this game anyway.

So those are my initial thoughts, totally open to discussion.
FWIW, my thinking for the Tour/Vuelta/Giro games when and if they are to go ahead is to go with the price as the year up to the start, as usual. It will mean that there are a huge number of bargains, and no need for lightweights who will do little or nothing for our scores; it will make the scores this time around an unfair comparison with any other edition, but it will be a unique chance for a different set of selection tactics and balances. Yeah, there will be a high number of universal picks, but the skill of selections at the margins will still be a valid test of insight/cycling knowledge/luck.
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Thanks for the updates skidmark. It's hard to discuss what to do concerning next year's game until we see what races are actually going to be held this year but I pretty much agree with everything you said. If we get anything remotely close to a normal end of season calendar I would much rather have a lower budget than use some combination of 2019 and 2020 scores. Beyond the logistical complication of combining scores from multiples years, I feel like the lower budget fits better with the original idea of the game (which was pitched as trying to outperform the average World Tour team by the biggest margin). I'd be interested to hear Hugo Koblet's thoughts on the subject. If there's anyway we can avoid recycling 2019 scores it's also fairer to people that discussed their teams extensively after the reveal: that way people won't consciously or subconsciouslybe swayed by those analyses when building next year's team.
I've thought about this a great deal, and the way I see it there are three possible outcomes - though it can be hard to distinguish between them.

1. There are no more races this year (or very few). In this scenario, I lean towards skidmark's suggestion of using the 2019 scores. Sure, teams have now been published, discussions have been going on, and people have changed their minds about riders they did or did not include based on this information. But in the end, I don't think it will matter that much. I think we will still see a lot of dissimilarity between the teams for several reasons: People have riders they support and cheer for and will be more likely to pick these than others (and conversely, some will neglect to pick certain riders for the opposite reason); the 2020 season was "cancelled" early on, and we still don't have that much information about whether our trusted picks or our omissions were good or bad; although there has now been a lot of discussion on certain riders, people will still have their own opinion.

2. Everything goes back to normal in, say, June, and perhaps even some of the cancelled races will be held at another time. In this scenario, I lean towards using the 2020 scores with no modification of the purchase power (still using 7500 points). Whether we choose to modify the purchase power or not, the 2021 season will be a strange one and hard to compare with the previous editions of the race. I like to still use 7500 points because of the simplicity and because even if the spring races have been cancelled or postponed, riders will set themselves new targets and their scores, while lower, might not be that much different than in a normal year.

3. The third scenario is the one, or, rather, the many, possible outcomes in between the first two, in which a significant number of races are cancelled but some still take place. In this scenario, I again lean towards skidmark's suggestion of using the 2020 scores, but with a puchase power adjusted the way skidmark suggests. The reason is that if a lot of races are cancelled, many riders, and especially certain types of riders, will be very cheap and the 2021 team scores will be very, very high. Of course in this scenario, some riders will still be very underpriced, but that's just the way it is, and I think it's the best way to go about it still.

Of course it's hard to tell when we're in scenario 2 or in scenario 3, but we'll have to look at that and make a decision when we know more.

Edit: In short, I support skidmark's suggestions, but would like to keep open the option to just use the 7500 purchase power if the season gets underway again quickly. Let's do some calculations and look at the numbers if it comes to that.

Sorry for my bad English in this post - I'm not feeling well (hopefully it's just a flu) and for some reason that effects my written language lol - but hopefully you all understand it anyway :)
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