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Thanks for the update. Although not many points, I'm happy with my update. One of my young Spaniards scored all the points for my team. He was on Valverde's team last year and now on Caja Rural's amateur team this year. I know him a little through social media. The best part of his points is that he now has more points this year than he had last year. So even if we don't actually get much more racing for this season, I can happy that he now has exceeded his point total from last year in this crazy shorted season.
Strade. One of the best races of the year. Can only hope my riders are showing better (any!)form than before the enforced break. And that Moscon hasn't found a new way to make himself unpopular

Okay, now that we are back racing and I'm caught up on updates, let's see what my team is up to:


Andrea Bagioli
Mark Cavendish
Marc Soler
Fabio Aru
Louis Meintjes
Simon Yates
Esteban Chaves
Matteo Moschetti
Sergei Chernetski
Marco Canola
Riccardo Minali

A full third of my team at Burgos, with mostly anonymous results. Chaves looking decent, Aru alright, and Meintjes invisible and not quite good enough to be worth lots of points. Soler and Yates off the pace, while guys like Chernetski, Canola and Minali are not going to pay off with my strategy of "they'll get points in small races because big racers will have other objectives". So those guys are writeoffs with covid.

Strade Bianche

Davide Ballerini
Magnus Cort
Michal Kwiatkowski
Gianni Moscon
Soren Kragh Andersen

One thing I dreaded before the season was having to cheer for Moscon. Oh well, I guess I can think of it this way - if he does do well in things, it's better for me to get points than if he does well and I don't get points.


Chris Froome
Pierre Latour
Thibaut Pinot

I could have some decent results from any of these three; hard to tell after so much time off, as with everyone.


Riccardo Minali
Mark Cavendish
Matteo Moschetti
Louis Meintjes

I don't think my sprinters here are they type that'll be around at the end, and depending on Louis Meintjes in a one-day race is never a good plan. I don't expect much.

Happy for racing to be back!
Update #15: Turn Down for Wout!

WorldTour racing is back, and with it, WorldTour points. While Evenepoel started where he left off in February, winning a .HC race that didn't even have a time trial to further cement the impression that he's an essential pick for this game, another young Flandrien showed that he was back from devastating injury, with Wout Van Aert taking a very hot and dusty Strade Bianche. The result is that the winning team got over 500 points this week, meaning the CQ game is well and truly back in action.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

bminchow had the right combo of rare riders this week, being one of the 11 teams to pick WvA and his 180 points, as well as one of the 19 teams who believed in Joao Almeida and got rewarded with his 115 points on the week to take him well into profit for this truncated year. Sprinkle in 83 points from Chaves (14 teams), 50 from de la Cruz (7 teams), and a handful from other popular picks, and you've got a winner! Wallenquist had an almost identical lineup, less Chaves, and ends in second place, while Sneekes has the same top 2 as well with a bit less support below.

This Week's High Movers


Exact same podium and order here; in fact, the same top 5 plus a tie for 5th place from Bicycle Boy.

Green Jersey Competition


Jakob747 still well out front here, but some shuffling below as ChrisDK gets taken over by two teams scoring this week and moving up in EITB and Hakkie2. 103 out of 113 teams have scored at least a point in this competition this year.

Top 10 Overall

6(+4)18-Valve. (pithy)2457

Some shakeup here, but not at the top, as Jakob, EITB and Hakkie hold onto their top 3 spots and actually solidify them by being in the top 20 on the week. Some movement down below, though, and a crazy close battle for the bottom half of the top 10... hfgon1, Northerner, and Leadbelly move into the top 10, but two of the three teams that fell out - search and team skidmark - are tied for 11th, a single point behind Leadbelly. And HelgeBlendet is only a further point back in 12th. LaFlorecita wasn't as lucky, as she falls out of the top 10, and top 20, in a single week.

This week, the races keep rolling as Occitainie finished already, as did the three Italian races combined into one, and we've got a bunch more to come, with Pologne, Milano-Torino, Ventoux Challenge, Czech Tour, Tour de l'Ain, and the first monument of the season in the route-altered Milan-San Remo. Holy cow, these are gonna be some packed weeks!

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Thanks for the update!

It's a strange season and my team felt strange from the moment I tried to assemble it. Maybe that's the reason why I seem to be doing relatively well so far. Hardest thing is trying to remember who I actually picked when going through results.
Curious how and if the season continues.
As always thanks skidmark for the updates. I realize that I can't complain with the way my team Remco is going right now but between the last draft of my team and the version I submitted I basically swapped out Van Aert and a few fillers for Bjerg/Steimle/Kamna/Kragh Andersen :mad: That hurts.
As always thanks skidmark for the updates. I realize that I can't complain with the way my team Remco is going right now but between the last draft of my team and the version I submitted I basically swapped out Van Aert and a few fillers for Bjerg/Steimle/Kamna/Kragh Andersen :mad: That hurts.
Quite the other way around for me. I am happy with Wout on my team, but not having Evenepoel cools my emotions.
being the only team, iirc, with both WVA and Sagan, I am now pretty happy, I should be moving up a fair number of positions this week. never even considered Evenepoel but not sure I could have squeezed him into my team as well.
Some successes for my team this week, but I can't help but feel like the little fish nibbling on the ocean floor while watching a big shark just swim through and eat a huge meal. Yikes Remco! I had high expectations for him, but it was his anonymous showing at Romandie last year that made me think he might still have some off periods. Whoops.

Nonetheless, Yates and Kelderman did alright in Poland's overall, as did Chaves (although he would have doubled his points if he had been ten seconds quicker), and an impressive showing from Quinn Simmons. Ballerini did quite well in the sprints, although of course the reason he is sprinting for himself is something none of us wish, and Dainese did serviceably as well.

Tour de l'Ain was meh, Aru got 10th place and Oomen worryingly abandoned, although Bagioli got his first pro win.

Kwiatko, Van Poppel, and Bouhanni got some placing points from the midweek Italian races, but the biggest race was a huge nothingburger, with Kwiatko my only rider in the top 30 :eek:

All in all, I don't expect to be returning to the top 10.
Well my team overall may not be great, however, I am happy with how some of the young kids I picked for my team are doing. After this week Matteo Jorgensen should be nicely into positive points territory with very nice top 20 at MSR.
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Dec 27, 2016
Van Poppel got some points, Almeida is probably my best pic atm, Aru and Latour did ok and Bagioli and Ballerini got some nice wins.
Are you kidding?! Bagioli and Ballerini were great wins. Some nice unexpected points that. Andrea i looking great climbing too so I am jealous. I picked him last year but just didn;t have the patience. LaTour is a dud in my mind. A bit sorry I picked him.
Update #16: bminchow doubles up while Evans regains the lead

We are back! Our first monument of the season and our first WT race since the return, and we have a week where some teams broke 1000 points, a harbinger of things to come in this compressed season. Let's get right to it!

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

It's pretty hard to double up on weekly wins in this game save from the small-point bookends of the season, but bminchow manages the impressive feat, edging out mineralJ and karaev for the weekly lead with 1060 points. Of course the lodestone of bminchow's team the last two weeks has been Wout van Aert, who I forgot got a top 3 in Milan-Torino before winning MSR, scoring a massive 365 this week to top last week's already impressive Strade Bianche. The rest of the top of the table isn't the same as last week though, so it wasn't all van Aert - bminchow had a good mix of > 50 points from popular riders (Yates, Kwiatkowski, Aru) and less popular riders (Chaves, Kelderman, Bouhanni sorta). mineralJ had van Aert, Yates and Kwiatko and also previously unmentioned Pinot and Gaviria. karaev landed in third with points from somehow Evenepoel and van Aert but still escaped the win due to less ancillary support.

This Week's High Movers


LosBrolin rockets up the standings, and just edges out bminchow to keep their team from achieving the double (or the double-double, since bminchow topped both last week as well). LosBrolin achieved 1000 points on the week despite not having van Aert; apart from Evenepoel, their team was one of 3 to get Michael Matthews' 145 points, as well as a big contribution from the more popular Simon Yates. bminchow jumps another 31 spots after jumping 35 last week, while Lortnoc rounds out the podium with a similar stable of riders to the other high scorers.

Green Jersey Competition


No movement or points at the very top here; karaev gets 30 points to jump into the top 5, juuust edging out bminchow who has 103 points overall thanks to the maximum 90 in the last two weeks.

Top 10 Overall

5(+1)18-Valve. (pithy)3342

Before the shutdown, EvansIsTheBest and Jakob747 were trading blows atop the standings, and that has continued in the slow restart, and now into the full-blown restart. EITB manages 797 points to Jakob's 608 this week, and retakes first place as a result. Jakob looks to swing back this week with Pogacar and Higuita in action. The top half of the top 10 is relatively stable, but lower down there's some movement and a very tight 96 points separating 6th from 10th. karaev, Londonpat and team skidmark enter the top 10, while Squire, Leadbelly and Northerner slide out.

This week, this mad lib of a season continues, coming out of Milan San Remo and the Tour of Poland into the Dauphine and our second monument of the season, Il Lombardia.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
So my best picks so far are Kämna (my only rider in black/ green numbers), Bagioli and tadaaa - Edward Ravasi. My worst pick is Marc Hirschi :(. 540 points, 0 return so far.

I am not expecting any points from Lombardia this week as Evenepoel will place 1st, 2nd and 3rd (well I do have Bagioli and Aru for that one nonetheless), but maybe Pinot can get some big points from the Dauphiné - that is the scrubs that are left by Ineos and TJV and the guys that I had thought were over it (Quintana, Porte, Dan Martin). Then, of course, there's also always Wout van Aert...
Cosnefroy should show he's up to the challenge of winning the Tour for me. And.. oh wait. I also have Dumoulin. And Chris Froome. Your points are my points, guys, so go for them. Wish you the best.
Van Aert, Bennett, Pinot... suddenly I feel quite content with my team. Even Hirschi showed some hopeful signs today. Cosnefroy on the other hand... is not going to win the Tour, I think... (got like last today...) But maybe Dani Martinez can take a podium spot :p
Nice to be back in the lead. The AG2R boys disappoint (Bardet and Latour) again today but Pinot is doing his thing and Higuita/Pogacar don't look like they're going to lift Jakob's team like I expected at the beginning of the week so I should hold on for at least another week.
Okay, so I was wrong about last week - having a bunch of guys get a few points was good enough to move back into the top 10, despite the flop in MSR. This week, the Dauphine is looking like a moderate bust - Pinot looking as solid as I thought when I picked him, and only about half of the teams ahead of me have him. But aside from that, mid-cost picks like Latour and Soler are really flaming out. Dumoulin is getting some points, but almost literally everyone has him.

What else is coming up this weekend?


Andrea Bagioli
Magnus Cort
Sergei Chernetski
Gianni Moscon
Wilco Kelderman
Fabio Aru

Oof. Not the strongest lineup. Moscon and Aru have top 10 finishes in their past, but have shown only moderate form, while Kelderman seems to be on solid form but has never done better than 17th here. I guess we will see; little hope for even finishing points from the others.

Het Hageland

Quinn Simmons
Alberto Dainese
Nils Eekhoff
Max Kanter
Sean De Bie
Danny Van Poppel

Hmm... could be really good for me if things go my way. Hard to say - Simmons looked surprisingly good in Pologne, so maybe he's come of age. If Eekhoff is good, this could be good for him too. DvP would be good on this kind of sprint finish, if he can make it to the finish in front. De Bie is my last rider who doesn't have a point on the year, although he got some top 10s in the Czech Tour last week so maybe he's got better form than his abysmal season start. Kinda cool that the reigning Elite, Junior and U23 World Champ are all racing (okay, dsq U23 champ but still).


Mark Cavendish
Nacer Bouhanni

Oh good, I love a race where I push all my chips into the middle on Nacer Bouhanni. I expect between zero and some points from this.
Nov 8, 2017
It's nice to see DFM perform so well at Dauphiné this week, makes it worth it already for me.

Edit: Even wins the whole bloody race! brilliant.
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