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The 2023 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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Submitted my team for the first time. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to think of a proper strategy but luckily I've had some notes which I used for another ( click ) game that have helped me with my initial selection, although both games have a different premise for pricing the riders so I couldn't really copy my choices 1 to 1 and as I said, I didn't have enough time to ponder about strategy optimalisation for this game specifically.
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Jan 20, 2021
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I'm just looking forward to kicking everyone's behind with a totally new approach on my part, and with no omission of Evenepoel to bite myself in the behind:cool::p

(Not that I picked him, just that he can't possibly end up being a must-have pick)

My VDS team a few years ago was named "Better get Remco"

Last year, people should have listened :)
Well if we are giving away picks for the future, Julien Simon should be the first name on everybody's 2027 team :p

I had him as a unique pick for his biggest return in 2017! :sunglasses: Eagerly awaiting the 2027 CQ game!

Team submitted… I was in a rush this year so not that confident in my team composition this year compared to the last few years where a lot more work went into it.
But I am here to have fun and gain more knowledge from all your great insights.
The opposite for me. Very rushed team last year, but much more time and motivation for it this time. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll do better though. I have also tweaked my approach a bit.

Looking forward to the big reveal. Best day of the cycling season outside of May!
It's been the same story of frustration for all of the years I've participated. A few years, because of the offseason lull, I've forgot about the deadline and not sent in a team. I've always been making shortlists in the autumn though, even before the season has fully ended (sometimes a late result in Italy changes everything).

I've sent in my team now though, actually almost made a crucial error and missed a near obvious pick. Crossing my fingers now.
Really looking forward to see which riders that might be popular and who may not.

I have a pretty good idea about who might be popular in the game, I think, and some I have omitted. A couple of "expensive" ones and some "cheaper" ones, that I decided to not pick in favor of others. We will see if that strategy pays off or not. Maybe more people have thought the same when putting their team together, so maybe it is not very different at all.

I would be very surprised if my second most expensive rider are on many teams. Maybe the third one as well.

Interesting times ahead and the season will soon start!
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I am especially excited about the reveal this time because I think there will be very different teams this time. I don't know about you guys but I found very few obvious picks and many "could take that chance" ones.

Yes, the last sentence describes it very well and how I found the process of putting my team together.

It took some time to settle on certain riders this year. Only about 6 to 8 riders was "nailed-on" for me.
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