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The 2nd Tour De Yorkshire (2.1) 29/04 - 1/05/16

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Apr 15, 2013
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elfed68 said:
I have to admit that today was the only day I watched but was blown away by how good it was, the steep climbs, the echelons over the exposed moors, wow, and the amazing aerial photography, am I correct in saying that the helicopter shots were TdF standard, not crappy Tour of Britain level? And was it better than the ToB because of ASO's involvement?

Today's terrain would make an amazing one day race, totally enjoyed today!

There needs to be a quality one day race in the UK. Ideally it should take place say the wednesday following the Tour de Yorkshire to convince teams to come for a good week in the UK.

And yes you can see there that the ASO crowd sure knows their stuff when it comes to filming racing... Top notch stuff.
Porte about TDU

“The crowd is just incredible the Australian public just gets behind this race so much,’’ Porte said.

“It really does feel like the Tour de France going up this climb, it’s an incredible feeling.”


Voeckler about TDYorkshire

I'm quite a popular rider in lots of places, but I was absolutely amazed with the support I had here. It was like being on a Tour de France stage in my home region of the Vendée. I'm not saying that for effect. It's the honest truth.