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Teams & Riders The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win

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25 - D. van Poppel
22 - E. Mas
21 - M. Kanter
20 - K. Vauquelin, L. Mozzato
18 - S. Aniołkowski
17 - B. Welten, P. Latour
16 - F. Wright, M. Menten
15 - A. Bettiol, P. Barbier
14 - M. Vansevenant, N. Conci, J. Stuyven
13 - S. Battistella, D. McLay, E. Chaves, E. Theuns, Q. Pacher, F. Barceló, A. Vendrame
12 - S. Weemaes, W. Kelderman, C. Venturini, C. Champoussin, E. Boasson Hagen, M. Landa
11 - A. Laurance, G. Van Avermaet, M. Teunissen, G. Zimmermann, C. Uijtdebroeks, J. De Buyst, B. Turner
10 - A. Turgis, N. Dalla Valle, A. Piccolo, V. Nibali, S. Reichenbach, A, Kron, M. Jorgenson, T. Boudat, D. Pozzovivo, P. Allegaert, T. Geoghegan Hart, M. van Dijke, I. Van Wilder
9 - L. Fortunato, L. Mezgec, G. Marchand, A. Cepeda, S. de Bod, J. Lastra, R. Costa, E. Gesbert, I. García Cortina, F. Baroncini, F. Gall

Most Top 10s before 1st win
27 - M. Skjelmose
21 - V. Albanese
19 - G. Martin
18 - H. Hofstetter
17 - S. Küng, S. Consonni
15 - J. Ayuso
14 - L. Manzin
13 - A. Yates
12 - G. Nizzolo, B. Cosnefroy
11 - D. Ulissi, A. Vuillermoz, F. Fiorelli, T. Arensman, L. Rota, A. Aranburu
10 - H. Mulubrhan, A. Demare
9 - I. Izagirre, J.S. Molano, O. Aular, B. Mollema, A. Valter, J. Vine, V. Madouas
8 - E. Hayter, I. Sosa, Q. Hermans, S. Clarke, P. Sivakov, J. Meeus
Van Poppel is still at 25 with no races on his schedule. After Paris-Tours, Mozzato now has 23, but I don't see any additional races on his schedule. Kanter now has 22 and, as DJ Sprtsch mentioned, is scheduled to ride in Langkawi. Vauquelin is still on 20 and has no races on his schedule. So it looks like it is down to Van Poppel vs. Kanter unless Mozzato adds some more races.