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Teams & Riders The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win

Page 31 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
Congratulations Max Kanter!

He does the 2nd best performance since the award was instituted with 29 top-10s, just 1 shy of Caruso's record in 2014.

He also breaks the tradition of 3rd tier sprinters winning on odd years and climbers on even years. For the 2nd year in a row a sprinters wins this competition.
Caruso's 30 was actually before we started this. I went through the 2014 results during the off season a few years ago.
Final Standings
29 - M. Kanter
25 - D. van Poppel
23 - L. Mozzato
20 - K. Vauquelin
19 - P. Latour
18 - S. Aniołkowski
17 - F. Wright, A. Bettiol, B. Welten, M. Menten
16 - P. Barbier, E. Theuns, N. Conci
15 - E. Chaves
14 - M. Vansevenant, J. Stuyven, A. Vendrame
13 - S. Battistella, D. McLay, Q. Pacher, M. Landa, D. Pozzovivo, F. Barceló, M. van den Berg
12 - A. Piccolo, S. Weemaes, G. Van Avermaet, W. Kelderman, C. Venturini, C. Champoussin, E. Boasson Hagen, A, Kron
11 - V. Nibali, M. Teunissen, J. Lastra, M. Jorgenson, G. Zimmermann, C. Uijtdebroeks, J. De Buyst, P. Allegaert, B. Turner
10 - A. Turgis, L. Fortunato, G. Bennett, N. Dalla Valle, S. Reichenbach, T. Boudat, R. Molard, H. Page, T. Geoghegan Hart, M. van Dijke, I. Van Wilder

Most Top 10s before 1st win
27 - M. Skjelmose
23 - E. Mas
21 - V. Albanese
19 - G. Martin
18 - H. Hofstetter
17 - S. Küng, S. Consonni
15 - J. Ayuso
14 - L. Manzin
13 - A. Yates, A. Laurance
12 - G. Nizzolo, B. Cosnefroy
11 - D. Ulissi, A. Vuillermoz, F. Fiorelli, T. Arensman, L. Rota, A. Aranburu
10 - H. Mulubrhan, A. Demare, I. García Cortina
9 - I. Izagirre, J.S. Molano, O. Aular, B. Mollema, A. Valter, J. Vine, V. Madouas, G. Marchand
8 - E. Hayter, I. Sosa, Q. Hermans, S. Clarke, P. Sivakov, J. Meeus, R. Kreder, N. Powless