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The Andrea Bagioli Thread - Just In Case The Other Bag Thread Ever Gets Full

I would have opened this topic months ago but I have a reputation for jinxing riders so thanks for this.

Big talent since the juniors. Very punchy, can win reduced sprints, good climber also. He sure looks like the next big Italian hope for the hilly Classics. Not sure about his recovery for stage races.
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The new Baggio.

Is he injured? Won a one day race in France. Wrecked in next race and has not started a race since? I was banking on him grabbing me some points in the fantasy CQ game. Any info would be appreciated?
According to PCS he's scheduled for Amstel, FW, Liège and Giro. I can only imagine (assuming that schedule is correct) that they want to get him ready for the Giro as fresh as possible and are really working towards that. But i also think it's a bit strange he seems to have disappeared. Especially since he claims to have a bigger future in hilly classics than in GC's. So you'd expect them to have him ride some races leading up to those classics.