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The chain reaction...

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Nov 17, 2009
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RhodriM said:
If he is doping, and even if he gets caught, he will never ever admit it.

Landis has nothing left to lose, but LA has everything.

As long as he denies it, millions will believe him, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

You don't think that if he's going to jail, he's not going to try to take some people down with him? If the evidence is so convincing that he's headed to the slammer, then I don't know if protecting a legacy will even be an option.

I'm not suggesting that he'd do this out of nowhere... but if he really is going to lose everything already, then I don't expect him to fall on his sword... he's going to pull everyone he can down with him.
Aug 6, 2009
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kurtinsc said:
About the doping being more private... I'm not sure the evidence suggests that.

If we believe the blood bags connected to Astana during the tour last year were for doping... then that suggests heavily that the team was having the group dope together... not privately. We also have Landis telling us about the bus pulling over while everyone on the tour team got some blood one year. There are stories from other teams like CSC about group doping as well.
Those are fair points, still more privately isn't the same as no one doing group doping. Frei says his doping was private and Kohl's was semiprivate. I guess if things really start to snow ball we might be able to see which one of us is right.

kurtinsc said:
I still say that if Lance sees that he's going to go down, he's not going to keep his mouth shut for the "good of the sport". He's going to take people down with him... most particularly those he doesn't like or those he felt wronged him.

There's no way he doesn't try to take Contador down with him if he goes... he'd be target number one.
Oh, I agree on that. I just think that by the time he decided to talk the ball will already have started rolling, he won't be the one to start it.