The Dog Thread

Well, the forum has a cat thread, which I love. But a search of the forum did not turn up any kind of dog thread. So I'm creating this thread as a container for anything dog related: images, stories, asking for or seeking advice on dog care issues, advice on dog training issues, etc. If it's about dogs, it's fair game.

I'll start with a story. People are supposed to be smarter that dogs, right? Well here's a pheasant hunting story that turned the table on that claim. You know how dogs are when you KNOW them. You can look them in the eye and almost know exactly what they are thinking. When my dogs were young and learning, they tended to run after birds that were flushed but did not come down (e.g. I missed). One day in very thick brush that was a tad deeper than their backside, they flush a big ol' rooster right smack (40 feet) in front of me. This bird gets up like a B-52... not like those darter quail and chuckar... and flies off straight away. No tough angles. Blam, blam, blam. Not a feather flies, and the bird flew off unharmed. But the DOGS whipped their heads around, unable to break in a run after the bird. All I can see of them is heads, tounges, and eyeballs. They gave me a look straight in the eye that said, "Hey stupid, you let it escape".
Jul 16, 2009
Dogs are smarter than cats because:
When you point at something, the cat will look at the end of your finger, but the dog will look at the end of your finger and then look in the direction you are pointing.
Mar 13, 2009
Dogs are also WAY better than humans

I've been deprived of a dog my whole life cause my ma is allergic to them. I never let her live it down :D
My girls out of the same litter of a lab-shorthair mix. Mocha... she's got the shorthair traits and always on the alert. Cinder has more of the black lab character. I've seen Cinder fallin asleep in the duck blind in really cold weather, but at the same time Mocha will be shivering and teeth clackin together. That was the last time I took Mocha out in the cold just to sit. But she's my go getter in the open field.

Jul 16, 2009
Blue Heeler

I had a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog ) for 15 years.

Was my best mate and was with me through thick and thin.

Most loyal companion anyone could wish for.

But, if a stranger walked too close to me or my wife.... look out ....!!:mad:

Good memories.:rolleyes: