The doping/transfusion schedule for 3 days in the mountains

I'm curious to know from watching the 2011 Giro, stages 13, 14, and 15 were all mountain stages. So what would be the most accurate doping regime for 3 straight tough days in the mountains ?

microdoses of EPO ?
blood transfusion before the start of stage 13 ?

If blood transfusion, would the effects last until the end of stage 15 ? accompanied with testosterone at night ?

How long do the blood transfusions last ?

Thanks for any approximations / insight to this..
Sep 25, 2009
let me play ferrari for a minute :eek:

the perfect doping scheme during a scenario described would of course have to be balanced against the risk a doper would be willing to take to thwart the authorities/police surveillance and dupe the testers.

tyler's book and the affidavits of other witnesses provide us with some ideas for a realistic speculation in 2011 (as opposed to early '00 when passport was not around)

the basic assumption for a doping scheme would be based on one fresh bb raising hct by 3% and a rider dropping his hct at a rate of 2% per week (which imo is too high but let's use tyller's numbers). I will assume that microdosing epo (even as little as 500 iu intravenously during a night was too risky in 2011 italy b/c the carabiniery, unlike the uci, could break in at night).

so, one half a unit before stage 11 followed by another 1/2 unit right after stage 15 with the 3 week in mind should be safe a not visible by a passport.

as to other doping agents, it all depends on too many factors...
masking_agent said:
so nothing the night before the stage ? Interesting. Didn't think the effects would last from stage 11 to stage 13, 14, and 15. :confused:
If you are talking about EPO, then yes it works over multiple days. Taking a drug like EPO in amounts that would fire off an adverse analytical finding on day 0 will most likely return false negative on day 1 with every day after an even greater likelihood any testing returns negative. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the benefits of oxygen vector doping. This is a drug-by-drug thing though, so don't generalize.

Evading a positive through well-timed administration is a key strategy in doping. In this sense, the ride back to the hotel in team bus becomes a very effective location for micro-dosing. The morning of an event is another critical time for some drugs that the UCI won't bother testing.


Mar 29, 2011
IMO nothing changes drastically in comparison to hardcore transfusions era. 500 milliliter BB's are probably replaced with 100-150 ml ones. So everyone would actively microdose before each of 3 stages, using lesser portions of blood though. Naturally UCI keeps silent, otherwise 40-50 guys would have to be eliminated from the race, if one would want to fight against doping not only declaratively.