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A couple of unconfirmed devo signings.


Kurits --------> IPT Academy
Marivoet ------> UAE Gen Z

No doubt there will be a lot more big names heading Gen Z's way, but I'll be very disappointed if they can't find room for their best local rider Abdulla Jasim Al-Ali.

He's not gonna be a world beater, but surely he has a potential for something greater than Mirza ever had. Sign him up.
Ineos have a pretty good TTT set-up if they pick all the specialists.
I wouldn’t mind seeing an Ineos vs Jumbo TTT battle between their best six:



Van Aert
Van Baarle?

Actually I think Ineos would win that quite clearly now with Roglic, Dennis and Foss leaving Visma. They have the best collection of Time trialists now.
Also, anyone able to access the information on Eiking? It's behind a paywall.
Eiking was interviewed at the Norwegian cyclingpodcast Sykkelpodden this week. He was pretty vague, but indicated that he will announce something soon. He did not seemed stressed or worried (to be fair he never does).
To me it sounds like he’s not staying with EF. He was critical about his race program in the autumn season and indicated that he wasted his best form this year being a domestique in Itulzia and then the crash with a fractured hand killed his chances for the Giro which was his big target this year.
Manuele Boaro, who retired and is now one of the team's DS, said the plan is to become PCT next year and hopefully compete for a Giro WC by 2026.
Roster looks strong for the CT level.
If Ukyo continue to grow, I will have to :
A) find a proper pronunciation (Yuk-ee-oh/Yu-kyoh/OOk-ee-oh/OO-kyo ??)
B) stop conflating them with UK Youth (a team strangely centred on 2 veterans, one Swedish, one Polish)
I'd think there are more people who know/remember Ukyo Katayama than some UK Youth team, even in the cycling world. So is this really an issue?
I'd never heard of him, looked him up on reading this, and the first link that came up on Google was to, so maybe not as well known as you think (although still probably more widely known that a CT team that lasted 2 years)

I only said that it was an issue for me: maybe it isn't for anyone else.
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Remember where you read it first! Last Sunday -
Cian is of interest to a few teams apparently - Ineos (who need someone to replace G), Lidl-Trek (who have Hart and no one else for GT) and now Roglic has gone, Jumbo have a spot for the Giro/Vuelta.

However the Dutch team itself is interested in Uijtdebroeks and that is confirmed by none other than team manager Richard Plugge, who told Het Laatste Nieuws that “we are interested in Cian. We were already like that when he was still a junior. We already spoke to him then. But he still has a contract."
Some minor news that have been published over the last few days / hours:

- Guy Sagiv and Itamar Einhorn confirmed by the team itself to fill last spots on the roster.

- Amador, Doull and Shaw confirmed at EF Roster. Given Quinn had signed a three year contract extension they would go up to 31 riders, so the Padun move to Corratec could be official soon (the team is going to announce something today).

- Rees move to Sabgal (former Glassdrive) has been made official by the team. Bregnhoj next in line. Let's see about Tolhoek (no information from my side, despite multiple sites reporting it is a done deal, so let's see what happens. It could have been an "eleventh hour" agreement)

- Heidemann moves to Felt-Felbermayr alongside Brozyna, Tom Wirtgen and Stosz. That's two folding teams the german has survived in succession.

By the way, I have read some contradicting info on the Pernsteiner move to Ukyo which I posted some days ago , so let's see what finally happens there.