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Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers, Extensions, and Rumours Thread

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A guy gets terminated after shooting a cat and has a chance to join two of the least ethical teams in our sports. That’s cycling for you.

Huh? DSM least ethical? I hate that team with a passion but Astana and DSM in the same sentence just isn't correct.

I don't believe for a second they would sign Tiberi, or they must be incredibly desperate right now.
Huh? DSM least ethical? I hate that team with a passion but Astana and DSM in the same sentence just isn't correct.

I have not made an ethics ranking and i don't know where exactly DSM would be situated on such a ranking should it exist. But i think the *** they pull with their riders isn't exactly the paragon of ethics. There is a reason why all their riders need to sign NDA's when they want to escape the cult, and it isn't because they are afraid they would share their their cutting edge science and tactics.
Landa to Euskaltel and ride an intense Spanish calendar in the spring and races like San Sebastián and Burgos leading up to the Vuelta would be really cool.

Especially if Euskaltel could get some decent basque domestiques as well. But I guess it’s not likely to happen (yet).
The problem is unless they turn into something of a retirement home, who do they get that they can reasonably grab? All the guys like Aranburu and Lazkano are established at a stronger team, and they already have guys like Txomin Juaristi on their books. They'd have to be looking at the likes of Gorka Izagirre, Jon Aberasturi, Victor de la Parte.

Perhaps if they're lucky Óscar Rodríguez doesn't get renewed at Movistar and they could get him back to his best level.
In the category rumours that are probably nothing more than wishful thinking: Quintana is linked to Soudal-QuickStep as a replacement for Alaphilippe. Seems speculative at best. Not sure if Nairo would like to work 100% for Remco the coming years, otherwise I can't see him adding much to the team.

I'm back on Nairo's Instagram Watch and after following and then unfollowing Corratec's profile, now Nairito has followed the profile of the boss, Patrick Lefevere. Who didn't follow him back, probably busy writing a new essay for his next newspaper space.
This is the look Quintana will rock come May:

I think all top rider at some point had got an option to join UAE.

They also wanted Kung and van Baarle last season
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