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The "How does Pavel Sivakov not have a thread yet" thread

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I guess you relate to his domestique duties in 2019 for Kruisjwijk, which indeed were good. He did a very good job on Tourmalet and then on Iseran coming from the break. Similarly, Sivakov did a good job this year as well on the Giro for Carapaz and, on top of that, he was able to Top10 on a tough 2019 Giro which, at the moment, is something De Plus never managed to do on a GT.

Being a good domestique does not always translate into reliable GT contender and De Plus is yet to show something meaningful on a free GC role. Indeed, he failed notably at 2018 Vuelta when trying to do overall.

I don't even think Sivakov is a reliable GT leader but De Plus should be far down the pecking order.
You are entitled to your opinion, i just don't agree with it and stand by my assessment. I think you put too much stock in Sivakov's 9th Giro GC. Jungels once got 6th, do you think he has a better shot at winning a GT? I think De Plus' talent is very underrated, but maybe that has to do with character and maybe you could be right about him not being leader material. However, that was not the initial discussion, just what would happen if you sent the entire team out and see what happens. And it's not as if Sivakov has shown the world those qualities in abundance. People also shouldn't forget De Plus has been coping with physical issues for the past 2+ seasons.

Regardless, i will repeat, very deserved win by Sivakov. I simply don't think it makes him a GT contender because of it, and see better candidates among his teammates, whether you agree x or y is one of them is not really that relevant.
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