The Mads Pedersen Thread

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First thought the paintjob for the bike doesn't look that good, but from this perspective i really like it. Finally "a custom paintjob" for Mads. :tearsofjoy:
What are you talking about? He had a custom paintjob last year! "Red and white, everywhere!"

And here's a rather interesting article about how busy the people behind the scenes were creating his new equipment.

Gotta love this kid:

Q from journalist: "Has life changed for you since you've become World Champion?
: "No not really. I still have the same house, live in the same place, have the same girlfriend..."
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Well, Jakob Fuglsang was much more deserving of the prize but he wasn't among the final three.

It stood between Pedersen, the Danish handball team who became world champions for the first time last January and laser radial sailor, Anne-Marie Rindom (an acquaintance of mine, to the interest of nobody) who had become World and European champion but in a very minor sport, and fortunately, the jury saw reason.

Fuglsang instead got the prize for best detail of the year with his save on the descent towards Liège, so at least he got some recognition.
Right, this might be geo-restricted, but Danish television did a Q&A with him, and here are some of the - in my opinion - best answers (google translated):

Q: How many watts did you push in the sprint?
A: I don't know, my watt meter had been getting too much water ...

Q:What benefit (s) is there in living and training in flat Denmark? Couldn't you like a little warmer weather?
A: I'm fine when it rains, we all get dry again: P

Q: What is your favorite hill in the Holbæk area?
A: I don't like hills: P
Mads Ps day on stage 5 of the Tour Down Under, working as a dom for Porte:

Contest the first intermediate sprint to deny Impey seconds, and wins it..... shakes Impeys hand.
Contests the second intermediate sprint, and gets third (Impey wins)..... shakes Impeys hand.
Apparently drained, gets dropped from the peloton on a hill and spend 11 Ks fighting to get back, while the peloton is going full gas to catch a break.
On the way back, loads up with 8 bottles from the team car.
Back in the peloton, gives the camera a smile and a thumbs up, and hands out bottles to the team.
Goes to the front of the peloton and breaks away.
Spend 48 k in the break fighting to stay away, from a peloton aggressively chasing.
Get caught with 22 K to go and drop straight through the peloton.
Finish the stage last, 12:50 down on the winner (edit: to maximise the payout on his aussie fire relief pledge).

Nobody can accuse him of being a boring rider :D
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