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The Move Podcast

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I agree Macbindle, I used to enjoy it, too, but now he's back at a 10/10 hubristic swagger scale. Calling Contador a creep, belittling Zaka for failing to zip up his jersey during a win, calling himself the patron, etc. Too much.
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Even when he was at his lowest, you could still see who he was/is. I suspect he doesn't have any true friends, only people that feel some kind of loyalty to him because he's brought them success in some way.
Well he's Texan afterall, right. But in some podcasts Big George gave him decent roast which was epic. And there's this loyalty and bind that can be seen in most successful amateur or pro teams. To me Armstrong seems to be moving forward, but here and there one can hear the hits he recieved.

Today pretty much could be seen what Bruyneel told in yesterdays podcast about Movistar. Man knows his game.
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