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The mysterious Regal fly there to learn piano by private aircraft.

Jul 5, 2009
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The Pearl River Delta Region in Guangdong,China.---The mysterious Regal fly there to learn piano by private aircraft.
Always in weekends, the people,who live in a large villa community of a small town, at the junction of Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Dongguan, in the Pearl River Delta Region,would see the private aircraft coming and going. Some people say that,there are the students of well-known piano educator Vona Fong comes to class.
Reporter Asked Miss Qiuhua on this,who is the international affairs assistant, the translater and the assistant of well-known piano educator Vona Fong,” It’s said that there are some students of the teacher Vona Fong fly to have a piano class? If they are do the Forbes rich students here ?”
“Where did you find that ?” Miss Qiu seems a bit surprised,say,”there should be some families which can afford to buy a private aircraft in Guangdong,but not necessarily on rich list. Their usual means of transport to school, Teacher Vona Fong and I don’t know about that,because we are in different offices, and only the front desk reception could access to them.”
Then, she realize that was taken on the reporter,said quickly “Sorry, we can not talk about the family background of students; we have never had to understand how students attend classes here. They have their own free, and may not always take a transport.The students of teacher Vona Fong almost all for my arrangements, and the teacher Vona Fong just for her own class,she will not have time to get to know these trivial cases. ”