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The official "Cyclingnews.com is Wrong" thread

Apr 23, 2009
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Man, I had no idea these forums were even here! How cool is that!

One thing that has always annoyed me about this place is the lack of interaction between this so called 'news' service and the people who read it. Heck, even the Herald-Sun has that facility, so now guess what?! Now so does cyclingnews, and here it is!

Now I'll apologise in advance because I'm a natural born sh!t-stirrer and like to cause mischief and 'keep the *******s honest'. My intentions with this thread however is (largely) simply to allow facts to be checked and broaden the scope of knowledge available to this website.

I'll go first!

1) The 26er vs 29er 'test' I mean vapourware I mean "let's scare our advertisers off with actual real test" I mean "let's pretend it never happened test".

What were you guys thinking! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Cripes, I've wanted to get that off my chest for ages.

Okay, who's next? :eek::)