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Teams & Riders The official Egan Bernal is the new Egan Bernal thread

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You are almost there, just a few more.
I guess there's no limit for this?
I guess there's no limit for this?
Doesn’t look like it. After replaying Doom 3 again, I feel like I summoned a demon.
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Honestly can't stress enough that he could have waited for the final climb today and then attacked and gotten himself in a really good position to make the podium still.
Evidently he doesn't care too much about the podium. We always write on the forum that riders should always aim for the best result (im)possible, and today he did that. Gotta respect the attempt even if it failed.

Also there's a chance he's not completely cooked for tomorrow's stage. Now, that's got a climb that can make or break the podium contenders.
He has plenty of time to win the Vuelta. I'm sure Roglic would like to trade 2 of his Vuelta for a Giro and Tour. Hope Bernal goes for it again but not as far out this time. He ain't gonna win the thing but can get on the podium, but like others have said, he probably doesn't care for the podium (unless he's happy to have podiumed all 3 GT's) and would just ride to win regardless if he finishes outside the top 10. Roglic was a monster yesterday and was surprised only one other rider took it to him. Bravo for trying.