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The Patrick Lefevere Depreciation Thread

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Of the stupid rulings and penalties of the UCI, this is the worst.

While UCI does absolutely nothing about safety in the race for the riders, does nothing about the abuses of some of the riders themselves (pulling, pushing, hindering before and during the sprints, riding on the sidewalk/footpath and riding behind and between spectators), the abuses with motorcycles that distort the course, the deliberate race-cheating by a competition director (Amstel Gold Race 23), the intimidation and the attacks against cyclocrossriders not wanting to participate to all "worldtourraces" etc etc etc etc.

The UCI is now only about the total power of a monopolist. With all the abuses that entails. What Lefevere would have said about women (?) or women's cycling is his opinion and rightly so. He just says it unfiltered. I hope Lefevere will go to (civil) court to have the UCI convicted of slander and defamation.
Well, that's because, Pat has the proverbial and self-professed cojones. The others are just lilly-livered ***.

Or maybe they have the ability to run their teams without getting into ugly public spats with their riders.

Kind of amusing though that you straight-up insulted people in the best Lefevere style for the heinous crime of making Lefevere look bad in comparison.
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“Finally: I heard with you this week – and not a moment earlier – that the UCI ethics committee is imposing a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs on me because of 'misogynistic statements'. For the record : I am currently considering my position and will refrain from further comment.” - Lefevere
Not a happy man after E3 -
"I weigh my words, but they were seriously inadequate." "Let me be honest: how we pulled away as a team was just painful," Lefevere continues glumly. "I saw us leading around 90 kilometres from the finish, but after that: the big nothing. We don't even participate in the group behind Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert. Lidl-Trek has three men in the top ten. UAE Team Emirates without Tadej Pogacar is down to two men. And we have nothing."
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Today one of Slovenian ski jumping commentators ended his decade long "hobby", commentating ski jumping on national TV. In general he was loved and is considered a legend, but obvisuly a small an vocal minority "finally won". Arguing he is a drunk and nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.