The Police have a steroid problem

May 3, 2010
UK Police have a steroid problem

Nothing says peace and security more than a roid monkey armed with weaponry and the ability to use it against you.

The thing that leapt out at me is that the police are more concerned about corruption than roid rage. That this isn't really that shocking thinking about various incidents over the years of police brutality - anyone who has seen TSG in action (and over-reaction).

The corruption link is significant because it ties into organized crime, and provides an incentive for organized crime to get involved in steroid/ped distribution, it's a grey area and very little is known, but we hear enough rumours about organized crime involvement in ped supply to cycling. Spinning the networks out, a corrupted police would of course be unwilling to investigate steroid rings, would of course tip off the suppliers when they are underwatch etc.
Jan 18, 2010
Future Sky rider wannabees no doubt. But perhaps they need that extra bulk so they can infiltrate tree hugger groups and impress the ladies..