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Jun 22, 2019
Yeah I hate the weak era discussion surrounding Federer. Hewitt , Safin, Roddick, Ferrer etc would in my opinion slaughter Thiem , Merdevev, Zverev. Obviously as an Aussie our media is intense and overbearing so we copped an onslaught about Hewitt but I still think his peak stands up to the test of time as a very good player
Lol absoloute hilarious, Hewitt has ground strokes of a women player lol the hell you talking about. Hewitt could move well and run but when the likes of Djokovic and Nadal were around they pushed that to a new level. Hewitt probably has the worst ground strokes of any champion in last 20 years. Thiem absoloute obliterates him peak for peak, the groundstrokes stand the test of time and Thiem is far superiour in a crazy way too. Imagine what Nick Kyrgios does too Hewitt lol...

Zverev is another great player and very young will win many slams in the future. Don't listen to the people that claim this new generation sucks. No one ate in this era because we are watching the 3 best to ever play the game. Murray ate abit and so did Stan. Andy Murray is also very underrated he was just up against a juggernaut in his slam losses. Probably a top 20 player all time Murray is you could even argue top 15 2 Olympic Gold medals to go with his 3 slams, may not have the slams but look who he was up against.
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