The Rohan Dennis threat

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I cant see anyone other then Ineos signing him, even then he will probably seethe over equipment.
As I said somewhere, Merida makes only 3 sizes of TT bike, with the medium expected to c suit riders 167cm to around 183cm. That's not going to suit everyone.

Meanwhile, Pinarello does 5. I'm sure he'll have a size in the range that will fit and handle correctly for him.
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CCC could also sign him, it's the old BMC team and they managed to handle him pretty well.
Sunweb probably have the money and a decent Aussie faction, but that would surprise me.
Slongo has praised his win on Twitter, are we sure that he won't join Nibali at Trek?
He hasn't been with Bah-Mer since Sept 13 so he's free to ride his preferred stuff.

It was very generous of the team to keep things quiet until after worlds.

Is he set on riding specific equipment next year? Will he go to CCC because of the ownership/management team that he knows?

I guess we'll have to wait and see...
So... they terminated the contract on September 13, but only made it public now in order to "allow him undisputed preparation". However, I can't help but wonder if they'd made it public earlier, then there might not have been all the "he's not on a Merida bike!" talk...
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Well hard to blame either side really, Bahrain-Merida gave him subpar equipment and he was unable to produce results. Dennis was losing 50 watts with the new time trial bike.

Dennis could have handled it better but it would be equivalent of giving Djokovic a wooden racket. I'm sure Djokovic blow a fuse at some point too if he was stuck in that kind of situation.

We can speculate all we want but Dennis' performance at the World Championship ITT speaks for itself.

If he goes to Ineos I'm sure he would give the team some juice in the flats and TTT. Maybe given a free reign in the second ITT.
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As long as his new team has a TT bike that fits and handles correctly I doubt he will care which brand it is.

I think this would be the key. I'd guess there have to be at least 2-4 bike manufacturers that should have a TT bike that would fit him correctly and handle the way he wants it to. Just all obviously aren't going to work. Obviously BMC works well for him. I'd think both Pinarello and Specialized bikes would work as well. (I think Specialized has 4 sizes so might work).