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The silent ones

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the asian said:
Vino seems to have been a client of both Ferrari and Fuentes.:eek:

He has been mentioned by several riders that he was seen at Ferrari training camps, while Tyler in his book, mentions that Fuentes told him that Vino was one of his privileged clients.

That's awesome! The double program! Twice as bad!
Dec 30, 2011
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thehog said:
Cadel Evans
Chris Froome
Chris Horner

- anyone else saying jack all and hiding away?

Don't see why you mention Froome.

He can now way have been implicated in all this Lance mess.
If anything he first started doping in 2011.
Froome19 said:
Don't see why you mention Froome.

He can now way have been implicated in all this Lance mess.
If anything he first started doping in 2011.

I just expect him as the coming 2nd at the Tour and the next big thing to comment. If he's clean then he should have something to say.
Mar 10, 2009
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The smart ones will dig a hole and hide in it. Anyone saying anything that's in the supposed blacked out list that's been guessed by many will just fall that much harder.
Okay, can we make up reactions from riders who have been silent? I'll start:

Basso: you know, Lance helped me when I had a family member that had cancer. I will always hold him in respect. Everyone makes mistakes; I must admit this because I owe it to my fans. My fans are the most important thing. Thank you to my fans.

Boasson Hagen: Yah, it's reeeally good? Like, reeeally nice that they suspended him? It's reeeally good.

Cipo: It doesn't matter if he doped, no one today has the fire like Armstrong had. So what if he doped? He had style on the bike, and nobody today has any style. Maybe I should come back and teach them.

Eddy Merckx: I know who won those seven tours on the road, and that is not going to change. Those tours were won by Lance Armstrong. Not my son, but they are good friends so I can pretend. Sometimes Lance talks to my son; did I tell you he gave him a job running his young team? My son is almost like Lance.

Contador: I KNEW it! I am totally going to sue him and Johan for those time trial wheels now.

Levi: I was part of USPS, but I didn't see anything. Other than what I said I saw. I was part of my own doping program too, for my whole career, but I didn't see anything there, either.

Popovych: I didn't see anything, ever. In fact, I have lost my sense of vision entirely, there is so much that I needed to not see. I don't even know who is asking me these questions. Can someone help me out the door?
I would like some old CSC riders comment, and shed some light on bjarne riis' deeds as a manager, while they're at it..

It would also be if ppl like Sean Yates and Jim Ochowicz (other thread i know) would enlighten us on the early years of armstrong at motorola, when he first got acquainted with drugs, who provided it and what made him set up this whole USPS-system and go for the tour.
Apr 14, 2010
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How about a reaction from Alberto Contador. He road under Bruyneell and in the whole set up from 2007-2010 (and ONCE before that), so Im sure he didn't come under Bruyneell's influence and rode completely clean for all his GT wins. But....nothing.

My only hope is Bruyneell decides f*** it, and just tells where all the bodies are buried.
Ryo Hazuki said:
because whatever they say people will backlash on them anyway. it's best to keep silent a bit and read the actual whole report. do you think these guys have no lifes outside of cycling? many of them are on holiday finally after a long season

Exactly, open your mouth and whatever you say it will probably haunt you afterwards. No doubt many are also under orders from their Teams, many of whom are also silent.