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The Tour of Utah

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Mellow Velo said:

Well, it IS a continental race. I'd say the top end of the field is up to snuff, though. Pretty exciting battle between Lill, Mancebo, and Louder yesterday. It's great that there's already been two stages of climbing and the top three are only seperated by 40 seconds, with plenty of attacks and active racing.

There's also a quote later on in that article about how top teams admitted that it would be the hardest race in the US this race.

But yeah, maybe the field is just too mixed. Who knows. Am still enjoying it.
Mar 5, 2009
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ridley said:
Cheaper form of doping - no traceabiility in the blood - just don't let anyone see you ;-)

I was in my car driving up to Nebo and stuck behind the broom wagon and let met tell you, there was no attempt by the guys who did it to hide hanging on to the cars.

To some of the rider's credit though, the autobus was probably thirty guys and it wasn't everyone who took a 'lift.' But it was comical at one point on the climb to see three cars in a row just behind the pack lined with riders on both sides (even one guy just behind a truck leaning down and forward to hold on to the bumper).

Props to the guys who rode it all the way - that was a long, long climb (20 miles).
SteveMedcroft said:
Props to the guys who rode it all the way - that was a long, long climb (20 miles).

I never found that climb all that hard. Most of it is not that steep. The top of the loop is a cool place to ride, and it is above 9000 feet. The descent is fun. It was pretty hot yesterday, so the climb may not have been that "fun."

The race should have a stage on the Mirror Lake road. That goes to almost 11,000 feet.
Mancebo not only survives the queen stage, he puts time into his rivals. Sweet.

Check out this SUV that suddenly stopped in front of the amateur race held on the course earlier. A couple of riders went through the rear window, and three more crashed trying to avoid the situation.

May 12, 2009
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Yeah, a few of my riding buddies came upon that not longer after it happened. They were pretty shook up for the rest of the ride.

Props to everyone who finished, pro or amateur. It was probably close to 100F when the pros were doing the final climb up Little Cottonwood, which has almost no shade.