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The Youtube Thread

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Aug 1, 2009
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kelvedon wonder said:
Youtube is the devils tool that distracts me for hours when I am supposed to be writing essays and presentations :mad:
It's the boxes down the side with related clips - you think, 'Oh I'll just look at one or two' and then 3 hours later....:(

The same thing happens to me - and I't not only youtube, it's the whole internet! A global conspiracy to prevent me from getting any work done! :D
Sep 5, 2009
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Jun 3, 2009
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krebs303 said:
There were a few pros who could have used this during last season:rolleyes:
but really might work well for learning to ride
Gyrowheel by Gyrobike interbike 2009

That is pretty cool. It might have saved me grief from my wife.

I refused to let my daughter learn with training wheels. I taught my her to ride like they do in some places in Europe with a bike with no pedals. I couldn't get one of those so I just took the cranks etc. of a normal kiddie bike. My wife called me a torturer (she wasn't impressed of the video of my daughter going down a hill at high speed not long after starting either).


this is sheer genius...

for those outside the uk, every november and december we have to put up with a pile of complete ****e on tv called the xfactor.. its basically american idol, or australian idol or whatever, but due to it finishing mid december it has for the last few years dominated the xmas number 1 in the charts..

last year after some daft bat released hallelujah, many people bought the jeff buckley version in an attempt to stop x factor getting to number 1, it failed of course and they go to number 2..

this year there is a campaign to stop x factor by getting rage against the machine to number 1.. personally, im not participating, i see no point in trying to stop a bmg artist (x factor) getting to #1 and lining cowell and bmgs pockets by buying the record of another BMG artist and just lining their pockets even more..

however, what someone has done this video is absolutely brilliant..