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Teams & Riders Thibaut Pinot discussion thread

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So, Thibaut Pinot & Stefan Küng confirmed, no Arnaud Démare as expected, no Michael Storer.

“I’m evidently very happy to take part in my last Tour,” added Pinot, who first raced the Tour de France in 2012, winning a memorable solo victory at Porrentruy. He recently claimed the King of the Mountains title in the Giro d’Italia.

“The Giro was an exhausting race, but I feel ready for this challenge. I’ve just done a recon of some stages and a training camp at La Clusaz and I hope I have the same legs as I had at the end of the Giro.

“I’m keen to take part in this race at 100% for one last time.”
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Let's get to the hype, L'Equipe's article today, some good stuff, here are the highlights:

Title: "Thibaut Pinot before the TdF: I really want to finish my career at the Highest level"

Madiot: "I told him: you'll be a pain in the @ss until the end, for years I had to drag you to Le Tour. The year when I think that he wants to race it the least, he woke up in Il Giro and told me "I want to ride Le Tour". I have the feeling that he'll do the best Tour of his career".

Pinot: "I want to be with [Gaudu] as far as possible, and if there're openings, day to day, it will be up to me to seize them. There are many stages for strong riders and climbers, it will be a Tour for all.
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Madiot: "I told him: you'll be a pain in the @ss until the end, for years I had to drag you to Le Tour. The year when I think that he wants to race it the least, he woke up in Il Giro and told me "I want to ride Le Tour". I have the feeling that he'll do the best Tour of his career".

I like to think it literally happened like that. One morning during the Giro, Pinot just came down to breakfast all "Hey, Marc. I wanna do the Tour!"
Feisty Pinot today. I love it.

If Madiot is right, Thibaut may have his best Tour. What does it look like? Realistically, not an overall win. But he won't go away quietly. Pinot will drag his feet, be a brat.

Fighting for bonus seconds, which could mean yellow someday was a nice try. Pinot should (but he won't) trade time for opportunities.

Thibaut Pinot's Tour will be epic. In the CQ game he is a single pick, my pick and we did it today. We did it. We won week 2 in '19, week 3 please this time.
I hope it was at least partially intentional: Drop some time, then go mental in the mountains.

I think so. Giro-Tour KOM double, final podium in Rome and Paris, what an exit.

To me it should be the goal...and Bastille Day on Jura's toughest climb, via Culoz, a climb that he knows...

View: https://youtu.be/ONt8FjbL2Fk
in '11 against Moncoucou.

View: https://youtu.be/SK20z04r0-8
in '19. Remco style.

Today was a good day to lose a little time. Now Tibopino is break eligible and he can get points on Wednesday and/or Thursday. Powless is a lot more dangerous than Bais was at Il Giro. Pog and Vingo scored today...there's no time to waste.
Nine stages down, twelve to go. It's the first rest day, and GFC has to do what teams do on the first rest day: think. And adjust. Thibaut has done everything to help David, but Gaudu is off right now and a late rally won't be enough to get a podium spot unless we have one or two Yates meltdowns. And more. That's unlikely.

Now it is time to let Pinot and Madouas to take turns in breaks. Win something for the team...

The 14 Juillet stage is special, it's the national holiday, and GFC has to do something for the sponsors and its image in the French cycling landscape. Le Grand Colombier via Culoz is there for the taking and there's one obvious choice...a break can succeed and on these slopes, the best should win. What an ending it would be...
Madouas might get lucky this week as the stages suit him, but Friday's stage I think will be a GC battle and the stage is too short for a breakaway to have a chance.
Yeah maybe. Depends, if it's a GC day the winner is a Jumbo or a UAE rider, so the other GC teams won't close down anything unless Hindley sneaks away again.

does Jumbo have enough faith in Vingegaard, do UAE have faith in Pogi?
- I think you are right that at least one of the above will be true on Friday.
Rest-day will re-set GFC, the GC hopes are over: Gaudu is in a three-man race for 9th. The 6th to 8th guys are 4-5 minutes ahead. Why fight for 6th unless you're Guillaume Martin? And I hope that he does. He's a character.

Thibaut has worked a ton for the team's GC/Gaudu bid, he wasn't fresh when his window of opportunity opened. The break on Stage 12 wasn't a good move, the Grand Colombier on Bastille Day, the next day, had to be the goal. Recover some, and go for glory. But as it turned out, Pinot went to the mine and helped a struggling Gaudu.

Today, he was toast. Brave, but toast. I applaud...Tibopino won't go away quietly.

Two more shots. As much as a win in the Vosges , saving his Tour like in '15 is sexy,, it is not good for my blood pressure. 17 it has to be. Easy but full-pad practice in the ITT, get your legs together, go for the biggy the next day.

Only two more shots...
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