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Thread planning

You are planning to do a thread for a race or a rider, but you are still working on it or don't think it's time yet and fear someone else might do it in the meantime?
Here is a place where you can announce the thread you will make. Please name the topic and also give some short infos about the content (like, do you plan to put in profiles, pictures, a poll, elaborate research).

If you want to make a thread for the same topic or would like to add information, please contact the member who plans to make a thread. Maybe you can collaborate.

Current plans, level: certain:
@Wvv : Cian Uijtdebroeks
@King Boonen: Gravel / ultra
@SHAD0W93 : Comeback of the year 2021
@Devil's Elbow: Remaining Vuelta stages of 2021

Ideas and plans, level: uncertain:
@SafeBet : Santiago Basso
BlueRoads: Ide Schelling
@Finn84 : Jaakko Hänninen

Requests for a thread:
Fausto Masnada (might be done by @Ilmaestro99 himself)
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This is an excellent idea, mainly because i had the same idea a while ago.

Seriously though, this threat should get stickied. In a perfect world the OP would update the opening post with all outstanding thread requests (when someone reserves a thread, add it to the list, when the thread actually gets made, remove it).

Some people put a lot of thought and work into making a thread (be it for a rider or for a race), not just the content, but the timing as well. It's especially disheartening to see a thread you wanted to make, being made by somebody else with the opening post containing "Amazing race! Discuss!" Or something along those lines.
Wouldn't it be easier if u use a dummy post with the title on the subject that u want to reserve and the initial comment can just be "More to come" so that everyone knows that u are working on that title.
I think the forum might get flooded with "promising rider x" threads, some of which will have discussion going on before a decent OP gets made, and others just fade away into void of the forum when the "promise" doesn't manifest eventually. I think your proposal also is an option, but some rules would have to be made. What if a forum members makes an "empty thread" (haha) that he wants to work on months later, but by then this forum member is banned or no longer on the forum. Also, by having this list, you could still PM somebody who wants to create a thread you wanted to make, and maybe team up, or exchange ideas, before the actual thread gets made. I would also gladly hand over the "thread rights" to somebody more versed in the matter (i have made threads for races in the past, just because it looked like nobody else would, not because i was the best guy for the job).
I will update the OP as often as possible; it's best if you announce your idea here and also PM me, so that I will see it for sure.
As I'm on my computer almost every day, that should work for now.
You can of course always do the dummy post, but for the reasons Logic has mentioned an announcement here might be helpful.
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