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Thread planning

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I call dibs on a surprise medalist on Wednesday

I don't think there were any really surprising medalists today. Reusser is the only who doesn't already have her own thread, but unless she becomes world champion in Leuven, there are a few woman who deserves to get one before her IMO. But she definitely proved that her silver medal from Imola wasn't a fluke, and that the federation made the right call when they picked her instead of Chabbey.
And drafting it around October.

Name will be: CyclingNews 1st Annual Comeback Rider of the Year Award (2021 season)
And I ask when I post it that no one posts until I am finished copying and pasting all of the comments. I believe I will have 3-4 posts as I started a rough draft. Just right now I am at a page on a Word Document and this isn’t counting pictures. So far there are 12 riders in the running.