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Tips for MTBers Becoming Roadies

BroDeal said:
Aauurrghh! I missed this since I never read Bike Radar. I thought it was pretty funny.



Especially the comments on ...

Triathletes "Triathletes will try to infiltrate your ranks and join your rides, then demonstrate that they have no idea of how to ride in a group, and very little control of their direction of travel"


Arms "It's a well-known fact that roadies bind their arms to their sides when not riding bikes, doing everything they can to facilitate the atrophy of these non-contributing limbs" (mental note - weight loss tip # 638)
Mar 17, 2009
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BroDeal... thanks for posting that!!

So funny. I rode and raced MTB for about 5 years before hitting the road. The differences are astounding. You sure can bunnyhop a road bike pretty far.

Apr 1, 2009
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There is a lot of cross over these days but I started racing tri's and then moved to MTB and then road racing and I have to say the comments are all true.