Tirreno-Adriatico 2020 - 7th - 14th September

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He was beaten by Alaphilippe and barely put a minute into most of his direct competitors. Sure it's always better for a GC guy vs specialists if there's hills, but vs other GC guys hills aren't great for Thomas.
I think "He put a minute into most of his direct competitors" is the more relevant factor there than "lost to Alaphilippe." I mean, everyone lost to Alaphilippe that day, and if anything that should tell you lots about how that route suited classics riders more than just classical TTers.
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And Dumoulin and Froome were on their last legs from the Giro/Tour double.
But Dumoulin was still going strong the day before on the climbs. Froome was fading, yes.

But I agree in some extent. For both Thomas and Froome it's better if the ITT is flat relative to other climbers. While for example Dumoulin and Roglič both excell in hilly ITTs and can gain more time on those than on flat ones.