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Tom Danielson and the Tour De France

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Nov 11, 2010
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I recall Lance Armstrong saying that Tommy D was going to pass Floyd Landis as the best American stage racer.

Call me naive, but I was actually thinking Tom had a podium chance at the Vuelta last year. He was 4th for a while and then I guess he got bronchitis, dropped down a few spots on GC and then left.

I think now, I can only see him as a domestique. I have also wondered why he hasn't rode a TdF. And this year, I was somewhat dissapointed when I saw Tommy D losing so much time to other GC conteders on the climbs. I think Vaughters should have gotten VDV for GC. I was actually stoked for VDV to win a stage.
Mar 31, 2010
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kurtinsc said:
While I'd agree that he doesn't have enough left in the final climbs to challenge for the win on those stages... he seems to have "something" left.

He finished near the front on stage 9 and 12 in the Vuelta last year, with riders like Valverde and Basso. While I'm not saying he's capable of doing well in the GC of the Tour... I'd think those results would indicate he could provide some help to a GC guy in the Tour.

In 2005 and 2006 he finished 7th and 6th in the GC of the Vuelta. Yes he's got poor tactics. Yes, he's not comfortable in a big group on his bike. Yes, he wastes energy early in stages... but it seems like even with those flaws, he's got enough legs for the mountains to be solid support for a GC guy who doesn't have those issues.

that is the vuelta, that is by far the easiest gt of the year as half the peloton is gone in final week cuz of wc and almost none are motivated or have energy left at this point of the year and it's easiest race to manouver through the peloton as well.