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Too many winners on one team?


Mar 4, 2009
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We've posted a really great interview with Quick Step boss Patrick Lefevere that talks about the '96 Paris-Roubaix and how he decided the finishing order for his three riders who entered the velodrome together as the lead group:


It's an interesting tale. Quick Step has three great one-day riders.

Astana has three great Grand Tour riders.

The politics which must enter in to the decision of who is team leader are interesting. How does a team manager keep the team from turning into a soap opera?
I tend to think the sport would be better off if the star riders were dispersed across more teams. This Astana situation is bad, the same way it was bad when T-Mobile used to buy up lots of talent. I don't know how you could fix it. Maye salary caps like some american sports?
Mar 29, 2009
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agreed. T Mobile bought a lot of talent but each time the Tour came around they blew it - well, from 98 onwards. Paper squads win paper races.