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Tour de France 2017 Stage 19:Embrun-Salon-de-Provence 222.5K

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If I'd be DS and I'd have a rider in this break I would have advised:
- take the right side of that roundabout
- be in Eddies wheel the last 5 km

I guess that's what any person with three brain cells would've advised though. Tour lasting too long also for the DS?
Re: Re:

Ikbengodniet said:
DFA123 said:
Well that was the most predictable winner from a break you will ever see, but at least he did it in style.

Guess you made tons of money.
I think he was just about odds on from the time he went in the break, so not much to be made unfortunately. He was pretty much the best sprinter, best puncheur, best rouleur and the guy on the best form in the break. The only concern was if he would psych himself out in the 150km he had to think about how to win it.